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For over 70 years, La Marche Manufacturing has been providing dependable battery chargers and power conversion products to the Marine Market. La Marche marine products are designed, manufactured and tested in the United States specifically for boats and other marine applications. La Marche is dedicated to the development and production of innovative quality products to meet customer’s electrical power requirements. La Marche products include battery chargers, Isolation Transformers, UPS, Rectifiers, Inverters and others. We serve the Utility, Telecommunication, Engine Start, Material Handling, Railroad, Marine, and Mining markets. La Marche is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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A77, TPSD & A12B

La Marche offers multiple Battery Charger Technologies for stationary applications with special features to accommodate the marine shipboard applications requirements. La Marche’s chargers are used in all different applications in the marine industry; from engine starting to supplying vessel’s Switchgear equipment. MARINE RELATED FEAUTRES • Conformal-Coating for Circuit Boards • Tropicalization Glyptol Dip for Magnetics• ABS Compliance w/Water Tight Connectors and Drip Shield Coast Guard Compliance (USCG) AC/DC Breakers• Blocking Diodes• Ground Detection (To Protect Against DC Leakage Currents, Which Can Induce Hull Erosion Through Electrolysis) • Multiple Communication Protocols, such as Ethernet Web Server, DNP3, MODBUS, SNMP, and IEC 61850 (Connects with Sophisticated Vessel Monitoring/Control Systems)


The La Marche model A41/A41F battery chargers are renowned throughout the industry like the Constavolt because of their reliability and their precise and constant output voltage to charge your batteries. These battery chargers can supply DC power for all ship board accessories while they simultaneously charge and keep your vessel batteries properly maintained. A wide range of A41/A41F Constavolt models are offered from 12 to 130 Volts DC to suit your needs. The Constavolt is a completely automatic, solid state, constant voltage battery charger built to carry continuous and intermittent loads up to 80% of its maximum rated output capacity. Agency approvals and accessories are available with these models: • U.L. 1236 Listed • USCG (United States Coast Guard) Accessories include a drip shield, On/Off switch & water tight connectors


The La Marche A46/A46F battery charger is specially designed for maintaining and recharging starting batteries of engine generator sets. The controlled magnetic amplifier technology provides the highest reliability that is necessary for the continued operation of the emergency standby equipment and eliminates most starting problems by maintaining batteries at a proper charge, ensuring optimum performance and maximum life. Agency approvals and accessories are available with these models: • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) • USCG (United States Coast Guard) • UL 1564 Listed and C-UL Listed


The MSCR battery charger product line utilizes microprocessor controlled SCR charging technology. The PWM control provides the highest reliability that is required for maintaining and recharging batteries. This charger is suitable for various types of batteries such as flooded lead acid, VRLA and NiCad. Automatic input sensing for 120/208-240 VAC 50/60Hz does not require any tap changes while multi-output (12V/24V) makes this product line flexible. The 0.5% regulation, temperature compensation, battery check, equalize timer along with adjustable output voltage and current limiting assures longevity and performance for your batteries. This unit has the capability to restore amp hours to a fully discharged battery. This economical solution equipped with advanced features incorporates La Marche quality and reliability.Agency approvals and accessories are available with these models:• UL1236 • CUL • CE Listed • ABS • USCG


MSM La Marche Marine Battery Charger Model uses High Frequency charging technology developed specifically for marine applications. The MSM Charger utilizes both Utility Power and Solar Power in charging up to three independent batteries simultaneously. This Charger series incorporates Power Factor Correction Circuitry to achieve high efficiency and a wide input range. Maximize your battery life with this intelligent charger as this filtered output unit is designed and built to charge VRLA (Gel-Cell, AGM), Flooded Lead Acid and Nickel Cadmium batteries. The MSM is equipped with an LCD display showing DC Volts, DC Amps, and three status LEDs. Integrated Battery Charge Divider/Isolator provide connections for charging up multiple batteries simultaneously. The MSM model is built in a robust, non-corrosive enclosure that addresses the harsh marine environments.Agency approvals and accessories are available with these models: • Meets USCG Requirements• Meets ANSI C62-41

Solar Charge Controller

The La Marche Solar Charge Controller is available in two models, the SCM (Solar Charge Controller – MPPT Technology) and SCP (Solar Charge Controller – PWM Technology). Both models regulate the voltage and current from the solar modules to properly charge the battery and supply the load. In order to maximize the power that can be extracted from the solar modules, the SCM Controller utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. For a simplified version, the SCP controller regulates the charging power using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The Solar Charge Controller is available in 10A and 20A versions with 12/24V auto-select output. Both controller models feature built-in protection for solar modules, batteries and load connections. Additional features include Low Voltage Load Disconnect, Status LEDs, USB connection for diagnostic parameters and an extra set of output terminals for additional loads.

USC Ultra Series Charger

The La Marche Ultra Series Charger is a High Frequency Switch Mode charger specifically designed to charge various types of chemistries, such as Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium and Ultra Capacitors.The case is specifically designed with 16 Ga anodized aluminum for maximum strength against corrosion, while its weight gives the ability to the user for easy handling and installation, without the necessity of a second person. Case is equipped with knockouts, for optional cable entry, either from the sides or the bottom. Removable cover, located on the front, gives access to the customer connections, temperature probe, as well as, the alarm terminals.

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