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KLINGSPOR is the most progressive abrasive manufacturer in the industry. At KLINGSPOR our goal is to provide our customers with a top quality product, competitive pricing, as well as knowledgeable employees to meet your needs.
KLINGSPOR offers a wide variety of coated and bonded abrasives including belts, sheets, discs, and specialty items for the woodworking, metal, solid surface, and fiberglass industries. Our research and development division is on the cutting edge of abrasive technology, persistently challenging the market to create new and innovative products. Let our experience in the abrasive industry be your guide to getting the “The Most Sanding Power For Your Money Since 1893!”

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K 960 TX CERAMIC Cut-Off Wheel

Continuing in its tradition of innovation, KLINGSPOR is pleased tointroduce it’s NEW 1mm thick (thin!) CERAMIC cut-of wheels.  Available in4-1/2” and 5” sizes, these wheels utilize the benefits of durable, fast cuttingceramic grains for cooler, burr free cutting with less pressure.  Perfectfor stainless steels, high-alloy steels and mild steel.    

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