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Kleeco builds efficient, and highly durable boathandling equipment in capacities from 5 to 1000-ton.Kleeco has been manufacturing marine hoist and hydraulic boat trailers for over 35 years. No matter what your lifting or transporting our robust product line can meet your needs. We engineer quality into everything we build which will increase profits for your company. Let Kleeco lift your company into the Future. www.kleeco.com

Products & Services


Marine Hoist

Kleeco’s Marine Hoist available with load capacities from 20 – over 1,000 tonsIf you need to launch your boat or lift it safely out of the water, you can rely on Kleeco’s marine hoists.All Kleeco marine hoist are built to the latest standards of proficiency and safety, regularly exceeding legal regulations and standards.What’s more, they ensure lower maintenance costs and a swift return on investment.Next to Kleeco’s standard range we offer custom built design due to in-house design and state of the art production facilities.We are able to build marine hoists, and mobile cranes to your special requirements; our experienced engineers welcome your input.All marine hoisting equipment is tested and inspected prior to delivery. If you are looking for quality, safety, durability and environmental friendliness, you should give us a call!

Slipway Trailer

Kleeco has designed a wide range of Slipway Trailers to safely launch and recover sailboats, catamarans, dinghies, pleasure boats, multi hulls and more,and then transport them over any terrain and park them in a storage facility.Kleeco Slipway Trailers come in various capacities and sizes. They are adjustable in width, length or height if so desired.The high quality U-shaped slipway trailers are designed to be low maintenance constructions. They can be adjusted with the hydraulic system of the towing vehicleUse a Kleeco Slipway Trailer to give your customers the best and safest service.

Carrier or Yard Trailer

Kleeco designs and manufactures safe and durable Carriers and Yard Trailers to transport and store boats fast and efficiently.Carriers and Yard Trailers are easy to operate and help you to transport boats with great precision, regardless of the terrain.They come in a wide range of capacities and capabilities for all kinds of powerboats and sailing yachts.With many decades of expertise Kleeco has built up an excellent reputation in the maritime industry.In addition to the standard range of carriers with capacities from 10 -1000 tons,we are able to provide innovative custom made solutions for any situation.The standard Kleeco Carrier is a steerable towed boat trailer.The brand new Kleeco Modular Carrier Support System the next step in heavy transport contact us now to learn more.

Yacht Crane

Kleeco’s Yacht Cranes are specially designed to effortlessly lower pleasure yachts into the water and to safely lift them out of the water for repair work, or winter storage or cleaning.All of our harbor equipment, which also includes Cradles, Supports and Frames, is easy to use, operate, inspect and maintain.In addition to several standard Yacht Cranes, Cradles, Supports and Frames we are able to design and build a solution tailored to your specifications.User friendly, innovative design and low maintenanceThe Kleeco Yacht Cranes are designed and built with ease of use and service in mind. Standard radio remote control, standard control panelLow manpower costs, easily operated.70% less maintenance costs

Boat Building / Repair

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