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Intercon is the trade name for Intercontinental Engineering Manufacturing Corporation – a company specializing in the design and manufacture of heavy machinery for industrial, marine and defense markets.

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Deck Machinery

Deck MachineryIntercon designs and manufactures a full line of deck machinery covering a wide range of applications as well as vessel types from offshore barges and tugs to ships, dredges and drilling rigs. Designs can range from one-of-a-kind mooring systems to "standard" designed towing winches proven at sea for over 30 years.Intercon produces machinery for all branches of the military as well as for a wide range of commercial companies with applications covering:Ships, Barges and Tugboats- Mooring and Anchor Handling Winches- Towing Winches- Soft line WinchesSpecialized Line and Chain Handling- Windlasses- Capstans- Cargo Winches- UNREP Winches- FairleadersSupply Boats (AHTS)- Waterfall configurations, 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" wire rope- D.C.electric, hydraulic and diesel power options- Integral or separate chain handlers- Exclusive Intercon water cooled brake systemsOcean Salvage Vessels- Traction Winches- Storage Reels- Power SystemsDredges- Ladder and Spud Hoists- Swing Winches- Dragarm WinchesBarge and Drill Rigs (piplay-bury-derrick/semi-submersible-jack-up)- Abandonment and Recovery Winches- Mooring Systems (4-14 pt. single, double and triple drum winch configuration)- Hose Reels (2 and 3 bay configurations, storage capacity from 300' to 2250' of 8" I.D. hose.

Heavy Fabrication

Heavy FabricationIntercon offers a full range of heavy fabrication services. Welding expertise extends from mild steels to alloys, stainless steels, and structural materials. Procedures and personnel meet various welding codes, including AWS, ASME and MIL-STD-248/278 specifications. Shape cutting is accomplished with CNC multiple head burning machines capable of burning 40 ft. plates up to 15 in. thick. Plasma cutting attachments handle aluminum and stainless steels. Forming equipment includes press brakes, pinch rolls, shears, and hydraulic presses up to 600-ton capacity. Welding methods include automatic and semi-automatic MIG, TIG, Submerged Arc, Pulsed Arc, and a 4200 amp Electro-Slag System. Four D.C. sub-arc stations, using 30 ft. aerial manipulators, provide unique cladding and circumferential weld capability. Heavy positioners, turning rolls, and customer fixturing permit in-position welding of massive fabrications. Weld inspection is performed by Intercon's quality control personnel in conformance with industry and customer criteria. Non-destructive inspection includes magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and dye penetrant methods. Radiographic inspection is also available. On-site thermal stress relieving of large fabrications is provided by three furnaces, each instrumented and controlled for exact heating cycles. A recently installed car bottom furnace can accommodate fabrications 44 ft. long, 16 ft. wide, and 18 ft. high. On site blasting facilities prepare weldments for priming and painting. Intercon's rail entry painting facilities are equipped for a wide range of commercial, marine, and military paint systems.

Heavy Machining

Heavy MachiningCharacterized by some of the largest machine tools in private industry. Intercon's machine shops are equipped to handle precision machining of various steels and alloys up to 625BHN. Size is no restriction. A bank of horizontal boring mills provide travel and control features for the most demanding jobs. Single set-up work, including 60 ft by 20 ft travel envelopes, is routine. Late model CNC boring and milling machines are among the largest available from any job shop in the country. Crane capacity exceeds 200,000 lbs. Vertical boring mills range in swing capacity from 48 in. to 20 ft. Work pieces weighing up to 100,000 lbs can be accommodated. A full range of lathes, machining centers, table mills, radial drills, and shapers compliment Intercon's diverse machine tool inventory.Computerized numerically controlled machines are programmed with in-house disc preparation systems. Plotters verify tool paths, and simulate set-ups, tooling, and methods. CNC formats from customer production control can be converted, or downloaded directly to Intercon's machine controllers.

Intercon Coupler System

Intercon Coupler SystemThe Intercon Coupler System provides a safe and efficient solution to the problems of connecting tugs and barges in ocean and coastwise pushing operations. Principal benefits include the ability to push in the widest range of sea states; the complete elimination of hull contact; fail-safe mechanical connection with redundant controls, and elimination of the expense and hazards of towing lines and related equipment. In simplest form, the patented Intercon System provides a single degree of freedom allowing the tug to pitch about a transverse connection between the tug and barge. All other motions are restrained so that tug motions match barge motions in roll and heave. The connection is mechanical - accomplished with two independently mounted ram assemblies, gear driven, and configured for tug installation. The rams stroke transversely, engaging the vertical ladder structures incorporated into both sidewalls of the stern notch of the barge. The resulting connection is rigid, mechanically locked, and fail-safe. Crew fatigue is lessened given the smoother tug motions afforded by the pitching being aligned with the living areas. With the ability to retract the interface heads within the hull envelope, the Intercon System avoids dangerous, fixed projections on both the tug and barge. This feature also preserves fleet interchangeability. Tugs equipped with the System can conventionally push or tow non-System barges, and conversely, non-System tugs can work with ladder equipped barges. Each vessel retains its ability to operate as any vessel in its respective class.

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