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IMPEG offers a wide range of innovative, high integrity products and services to the marine industry. For over thirty years, IMPEG continuous to provide the industry with reliable, dependable, and cost-effective solution.
IMPEG is the partner of Niigata Power System Ltd. Japan for its marine propulsion system distribution and support in North America. This Collaboration has allowed IMPEG to provide leading turnkey propulsion systems with combined technology that incorporate Niigata Engine, Z-peller and Mechtronics’ Control.

Products & Services


AHX Clean Diesel Engine

-  High efficient and low emission-  Light weight and high reliability-  Easy maintenance and low     operating cost


-  Excellent steering performance-  High efficiency-  Low maintenance-  Robust structure

Centralized Control Station

-  Provide Complete propulsion control    of vessel via touch screen-  Meet Lloyd Register's CCS    requirement-  High reliability-  Low initial cost-  Low maintenance cost

Mega Lever Control

-  Provide 360 degree azimuth    steering control for Z-drive system-  Provide clutch ON/OFF and main   engine throttle control-  Option for idle slip clutch control-  Option for full slip clutch control-  Option for CCP control-  Option for straight shaft with     rudder control-  Low maintenance cost-  Less moving parts-  High reliability

Graphical Aided Machinery Monitored Alarm

-  Compact, rugged LCD touch     screen display with LED backlight-  Simple to install-  User friendly-  Modular design-  Event data logging-  Communicate with other equipment   via Ethernet, Profinet, Modbus   TCP etc.

Anti-Stall Control System

-  Prevent main engine from stalling   during high speed crash stop when    engine is at idle speed-  Redundant system to increase    liability-  Full instrument display for ship    speed, main engine load and    speed, and Z-drive control signal    and position-  Data server to log all activities   with time stamp-  Audio and visual alarm for operators-  High resolution LCD touch screen   display with LED backlight-  User friendly

Customized Control System

-  Design and build customized   control system to meet customer's   special requirement-  Provide control from diesel engine   propulsion system to full hybrid    propulsion system

Transfer Switch and AC Distribution System

-  Automatic poiwer transfer between   two ship service generator-  Build in automatic generator   start / stop control-  Quick power transfer    (The transfer cycle from start the   generator set to put the generator   On Load can be achieved in   less than 5 seconds)-  Full instrument display for voltage,   current, kilowatt, phase reversal,   ground fault etc.-  Communicate with alarm and   monitoring system via redundant   Ethernet network

Dual Fuel Engine

-  The world's first FPP directly    coupleable gas engine-  Environmental Performance that    meets IMO Tier III NOx Regulations-  Offers both gas and diesel operation    modes-  Can be instantly switched at full    load from gas to diesel operation-  Offers high dynamic performance    equivalent to that of a diesel engine    even during gas operation-  Ensure safe ship operation even in    emergency situations

Hybrid Tug System

-  A diesel electric (non-battery type)    hybrid system-  Equipped with an additional    propulsion    generator and propulsion motors    to main engines-  Combines conventional shaft drives   with the driving force of the electric   motor, so that optional performance   in various types of operations is   achieved-  Fuel consumption is drastically    reduced -  Reduces environmental load

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