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Hosco is a systems components manufacturer serving multiple industries worldwide through systems integrators, and an extensive network of regional authorized distributors and agents. Hosco’s compression fittings and PreFiS line of pipe / tube couplings are used in many low and high pressure applications such as hi-fog and fire suppression, paint and sealer systems, shipbuilding, gas handling, and more. Hosco offers standardized capability for circulation systems and application finishing on a Global basis while being the only supplier of both inch and metric smooth-bore, cavity free and micro finished valves and fittings. Hosco welcomes your unique, customized hose and tubing assemblies, stainless steel fittings or sub-assemblies.

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Hosco PreFiS

Installing new or modifying existing piping systems for fluid and air has never been faster or easier than with the Hosco PreFiS connector family of products. Available in 316 SST wetted parts for low or high pressure systems, the PreFiS system of connectors is a full line of couplings, reducing couplings, tees, reducing tees, lateral wyes, and others to provide smooth-bore, low shear operation. The fittings require no welding, soldering, or screwing and can quickly and easily be installed with the help of a hand tool and compact hydraulic pump. PreFiS products are suitable for many different working environments, including those where there are high quality requirements, high safety standards, or time and cost pressure.

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