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Harrington Marine has been manufacturing Jones Act compliant kort nozzles in numerous profiles since 1976 including types 19A, 19B, 37 and many customer designed specialty profiles. With products in use from warm water tugs to A3 ice class vessels we have the experience to complete your project to the specifications you require. Utilizing our custom processing equipment to make the desired profile for each type of nozzle from a single piece of stainless steel results in fewer welds that could erode, crack and leak. Using this process we are also able to keep our products exceptionally uniform and concentric resulting in better flow through the nozzle. This technology is used on all our nozzles from the 19A profile to speed nozzles and also specialty “River” style nozzles.

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Nozzles Harrington Marine has been making a quality nozzle from the inside out since 1976.  With integrated mounting plates and double continuous welds being standard you know you are getting a quality product.  Add that to the smooth custom flare and you have performance that is well built.  Whether it is building a nozzle to customer specifications or a standard nozzle profile we are committed to making you a superior product. 

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