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Hannay provides all maritime industries with thousands of standard and custom hose and cable reels.  From hand-held portable fiber optic cable to boom and floater hose reels, Hannay is the leading choice for marine applications including fueling, cleaning, fire protection & welding.  www.hannay.com

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Boom Reel Series

Boom ReelHannay’s Oil Containment Boom Reel is designed for use with flotation, inflatable, collapsible and flexible cylinder booms.  These reels are built from rugged, heavy duty construction and are ideal for ships, oil rigs and docks.

Floater Reel Series

Floater SeriesHannay’s floater series reels efficiently handle floater hose from ship to shore .  They are ideal for off-shore or shallow harbor operations and can handle 3-,4-,6-, or 8-inch hose.

N400 Series Welding Reel

N400Hannay N400 Series gas welding reels are specifically designed to improve the efficiency and safety of welding operations. The reel handles 1/4" or 3/8" oxygen/gas dual hose in lengths of up to 100 feet. The narrow frame design of the N400 makes it ideal for marine environments with limited space.

N500 Series Multi-Use Reel

N500The Hannay Reels N500 Series high pressure spring rewind reel is designed for efficient hose handling in marine applications including hydraulics, air/water, and chassis grease. Ideal for use in machine and equipment repair.   A compact frame and narrow base additionally promote ease of installation and location.

N700 Series Industrial Use Reel

N700The N700 series hose reel from Hannay Reels is designed with a narrow frame and compact base for convenient use in limited space work environments found in marine applications.  The versatile reel is ideal for lubrication, washdown, air/water and other maritime applications. Also available in stainless steel construction. 

WCR Series Welding Reel

WCR The Hannay WCR Series reel is a rugged, portable reel with carry handles. This provides a quick connection to your welder and instant use with any cable length. The WCR series handles #2 through 4/0 cable to 400 amps. 

F Series Stainless Steel Reel

The Hannay SSEF Series Reel is ideal for fire protection. This reel handles 3/4" or 1" ID booster hose.  Gear-driven crank rewind is standard, choose chain and sprocket drive powered by electric, hydraulic, or compressed air motor. Stainless steel construction ensures long life in harsh marine conditions. 

SSN800 Series Stainless Steel Reel

The Hannay SSN800 Series Reel is a durable stainless steel spring rewind reel with narrow frame and compact mounting base. For air, water, chemical transfer or caustic materials this reel can handle ¾” or 1” diameter hose up to 70 feet in length. 

1500 Series Spray Reel

The Hannay Reels Series 1500 is available in manual or power rewind and ideal for spray applications including: pressure washing, steam cleaning and washdown.  This series is a lightweight,compact reel designed for long lengths of hose. Various pressure and temperature ratings are available as well as stainless steel construction. 

6000 Series Heavy Duty Reel

The Hannay Reels 6000 series reels is a highly versatile manual or power rewind reel ideal for many different workboat operations such as: fuel dispensing,fire protection, spray operations, water supply or suction/transfer applications.  This series handles ½” through 1” diameter hose up to 400 feet in length. 

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