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Owens Kleen Tank, a leader in the design and manufacture of marine sanitation devices (MSDs) which are USCG/IMO MEPC 159(55) certified and can accommodate a few or hundreds. Units are available for offshore or marine operations. Owens Kleen Tank – a solid reputation with over 40 years experience!

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H2O Crapzapper Cleaners and Enhancers H2O offers a complete line of Crapzapper cleaners, enzymatic enhancers and disinfectants to improve the performance of your unit. We also offer test kits so that you can monitor the efficiency of your Crapzapper Marine Sanitation Device.

Marine Sanitation Device (MSD)

Marine Sanitation Device (MSD)H2O’s Wastewater division offers a variety of marine and offshore sewage treatment systems that utilize advanced technology and superior manufacturing techniques. And with our recent acquisition of Owens Kleen Tank, we have combined decades of Owens experience with the quality and service you expect from H2O. They are strong, flexible units that exceed all EPA regulations and are U.S.C.G. and IMO MEPC 227(64) Dual-Certified Type II units that can be operated around the world.

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

Salt Water Reverse Osmosis WatermakersH2O’s watermaker systems set the standard for potable water units through efficient design and ease of use. They are crafted from materials proven through experience to offer decades of dependability in offshore service, utilize fully-automated control systems, and use industry-standard filter sizes for worldwide availability.These systems are available to support crews that range in size from 2 to 2,000 and meet all World Health Organization and government regulations for potable water. Additionally, each unit comes standard with safety relief valves and vacuum breakers on all lines in order to prevent the possibility of over-pressurization or collapse and the resulting catastrophic failure.

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