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Gullco specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high quality welding and cutting automation products. With over 50 years of automation design experience, Gullco is proud to be showing its latest in Automation solutions.

PushCorp, Inc. is a world class manufacturer of robotic, compliant end-of-arm tooling, electric spindles and floor-standing equipment for automating material removal applications.

Products & Services


Weld Shaver Carriage

The Weld Shaver Carriage uses force compliance to allow the weld shaver head to maintaincontact over contoured surfaces and ensures a consistent and precision weldremoval. Force compliance technology combined with DC Servo Spindles increases:Quality; Consistency; Cutter Insert Life and Operator Safety. The weld shaver removes up to 90% of the weld height at a rate of up to 3 ft/min (61cm/min) and can remove welds of 0.375 - 3 Inches (0.9525 - 7.62 cm). The weldshaver system is an automated solution for the rapid removal of weld beadsabove a panel surface. The Weld Shaver is moved along a track by the DriveCarriage with the user managing everything remotely from the Control Console.The TWS91 System is comprised of five major components; the Track (either Flexor High-Flex), the Drive Carriage, the Weld Shaver, the Control Umbilical, andthe Control Console.

KAT® 300 Welding and Cutting Oscillation Carriage

The Gullco KAT® which has been used throughout the world for decades, has been re-engineered to be smaller and lighter than previous models, yet robust and feature rich. These engineered features include:-Tool-less Setup, Adjustment and Operation-Self-aligning Wheels for quick track mounting -Dynamic Dovetail Racking for versatile torch positioning-Quick clutch mechanism-OSHA Safety Orange-Ingress Protection (Sealed Unit) including Conformal Coated Circuit Boards-Energy Efficient models-Universal Compatibility to all welding power sources and wire feeders-Torch holder memory for fast torch removal and accurate repositioning after cleaning-Compatible with all existing Gullco rigid track and the new semi rigid track sections

MOGGY® Automated Trackless Welding Carriage

MOGGY® Trackless Carriage for Stitch Welding or Continuous Travel-Ideal for automatic horizontal fillet, lap and butt welding operations-Controls are available to perform continuous and/or stitch weld operations-Dual gun holder assembly is available for efficient simultaneous welding-Wheels on the standard Moggy can be reversed to allow the moggy to run on standard v-groove track-The magnetic moggy has a magnetic base that clings to the vertical member for out of position applications


As a manufacturer and distributor of ceramics, Gullco can provide you with a KATBAK® ceramic weld backing to meet your needs. Impart X-ray Quality Back Beads On Root Pass -Weld One Side Only-Deposit More Weld Metal-Root Weld And Fill In One Pass -Eliminate Defects And Rework-Eliminate Costly Unnecessary Gouging And Grinding-Sizes 1/4" (6.3 mm) to 2" (50.8 mm)-Special Sizes And Configurations Available-Conveniently Packaged and Sealed In Plastic For Moisture Proof Protection-Wider Heat Receptive Pressure Sensitive Foil For Improved Adhesion To Work Piece

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