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Guidance Marine, a division of Guidance Navigation is a leading international developer and supplier of position reference sensors for Dynamic Positioning (DP) and other sophisticated vessel control systems. Our laser and radar CyScan, RadaScan and Mini RadaScan sensors can be integrated by all major DP manufacturers and are used on a daily basis by all OSV and PSV operators for DP1, DP2 and DP3 class vessels. CyScan provides high accuracy range and bearing measurements effectively and efficiently for a diverse range of operations for both mobile and fixed structures. Total worldwide installations are expected to reach 2,000 by early 2014, this success has led to CyScan MK4 being recognised as the standard laser sensor of choice by all major DP providers within the industry.

Products & Services


CyScan MK4

CyScan from Guidance Marine is a high performance local position reference sensor specifically engineered for marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications. CyScan accurately measures the range and bearing of retro-reflective targets allowing for the calculation of vessel position and heading. Key Benefits - Type approved- Full 360 degree scanning- Operating range up to 2500m- Close range operation from 10m- Maximum uptime from turret rotary design- Modular design facilitates in-vessel servicing- Industry's most reliable false target rejection- Plug and play upgrade package- Automatic wave compensation

RadaScan View

Artemis Mk6

The Artemis Mk6 system is a microwave position reference sensor for use in long range marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications. Artemis accurately measures the range and bearing of a mobile asset relative to a fixed position. The position is determined by measuring the absolute distance and the relative angle between two Artemis stations.


With the size of today's vessels, more variable crew skills and greater bridge complexity, Hazard Detection is essential for safer operations. The RangeGuard system measures the distance to the nearest object. Based on radar technology, the unit is a plug and play proximity sensor to detect unseen objects for vessel protection.  A number of RangeGuard sensors located around a vessel act like a parking sensor - or electronic bumper to provide SafeSurround.The sensor measures the range to the nearest object and a warning output when a potential hazard is detected within user defined protection zones. An accurate range measurement is displayed on the Dashboard.

Rugged Prism

Introduced in 2015, the Rugged Prism has design features to provide prism protection, high target visibility and varied flexible mounting options to allow for wider and easier customer installations. These reflect almost all the light received and provide the maximum signal strength allowing for longer operation in deteriorating visibility. 


Microwave sensors (RadaScan and Mini RadaScan) operate with a variety of intelligent microwave targets called responders. These work in all weathers. Unlike the laser reflectors they are automatically selected by the software on approach as the sensor can recognise their signal as a legitimate target. Where multiple responders are used, they must either be separated by 8 degrees (70m at 500m) or be a different colour (frequency) to enable the sensor to distinguish between responders and calculate heading.

CyScan AS

Cyscan Absolute Signature (AS) Sensor resolves long-standing, common industry challenges by providing an improved performance during target identification, acquisition and tracking ideal for station keeping, or for accurately moving a vessel.

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