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Glosten is an employee-owned full-service consulting firm of naval architects, marine engineers, electrical engineers, and ocean engineers. Founded in1958, the firm specializes in commercial and public sector vessels including tugs, barges, dredges, research vessels, passenger/car ferries, and special purpose platforms. Consulting and design services include hull, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems design, as well as construction management. The firm has developed specialized expertise in hydrodynamic analysis, climatology, and risk analysis to serve vessel operators, marine civil engineers, and contractors performing challenging in-water projects.

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Excavator Dredge Design

Glosten was enlisted to adapt an existing design to meet the specific requirements of the client, J.E. McAmis.  Designed and built for tough, water-based digging, the Aquadigger uses a 10-cubic-yard bucket that can dig a level cut 65′ deep.  The barge is capable of working in 6-ft. seas.

Olmsted Dam Catamaran Barge

To support "in the wet" construction of the Olmsted locks and dams, Washington Group / Alberici enlisted Glosten to design a vessel to lift the dam shell segments into place.  The catamaran barge is comprised of 2 barge hulls (200 ft x 90 x 15 ft ea.) connected by six towers with 15 crossbeams and is used to lift, transport and set the shell segments. Up to 12 strand jacks are supported by gantry beams that run perpendicular to the cross beams, and have a 4,850-ton lift capacity.

Foss Arctic Class Tugs

Foss Maritime is building three arctic class tugboats at its Rainier Shipyard to serve the oil and gas industries in Alaska. Foss engaged Glosten to execute this new design from concept through detailed production design.  A number of environmental features were incorporated into this new tug class, including a highly-efficient twin-screw propulsion system that will be powered by two low-emission engines.

Dredge Repower

The Port of Portland Navigation Division owns and operates the Dredge Oregon that maintains the Columbia River navigation channel. The Port hired Glosten to develop a comprehensive design package for repowering and refitting the dredge.  Glosten developed the detail design for a mechanical and electrical repower, including replacement of the vessel’s two diesel generator sets, cutterhead motor and reduction gear, and ship service electrical distribution system.

High Capacity Derrick Barge

Manson Construction Company of Seattle initialized a project to build a new, high capacity derrick barge for marine construction service. Glosten designed the barge hull to suit Manson’s innovative operational needs.  The barge hull was delivered to the Manson yard in Houma, Louisiana, where Manson completed the outfitting and commissioning.  The derrick barge has an American MG509 crane with a 265′ boom, and a capacity of 1000 tons over the stern and 800 tons fully revolving.

Ballast Water Treatment System Retrofit

The CSL Group engaged Glosten to determine the practicality of integrating ballast water treatment systems onto their vessels, and establish a standard retrofit approach for CSL to utilize across its fleet.  Following a ship survey and vessel scan, the Glosten team developed an installation design, and leveraged the scan data to develop shipyard contract and detail packages.  The retrofit concluded in March of 2015.

HT-67 Harbor Tug

Developed with input from experienced towboat operators, the Glosten HT-67 is designed for versatility of service in inland and near coastal waters.  Pairing this ‘harbor-size’ hull with a powerful 1500 horsepower ASD propulsion system imparts the HT-67 with exceptional barge handling capabilities (whether pushing ahead or working alongside) and a responsive character ideal for light ship work in confined areas. Outfitted with a tow winch and pin box/roller assembly (optional), this tug can tow astern as efficiently as a conventionally shafted tug of equal horsepower, and handle barges unassisted on arrival and departure. The propulsion engines can be either Cummins QSK19-M, 750 hp at 1,800 rpm or MAN LE 434, 750 hp at 1,800 rpm.  Both engines are EPA Tier 3 compliant.    

Emergency Vessel Attachment & Towing System

Glosten, with support from Samson Rope Technologies, has developed an emergency towing solution designed to reduce risks associated with the use of conventional systems, and increase the probability of establishing and maintaining a secure connection in heavy weather.  EVATSTM was designed to address safety and reliability concerns associated with conventional methods of connecting to the bow of a disabled vessel.  It achieves this goal by integrating design features such as:  distribution of line loads over multiple attachment points on the foc'sle deck; rapid deployability / recoverability; and compatibility with covered foc'sles.

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