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From humble beginnings in 1972, Glendinning Marine Products, Inc. has been committed to manufacturing the finest marine products in the world. Our products demonstrate our belief that simple things like rugged construction, quality workmanship and attention to detail give our customers the confidence to “Relax . . . we’re on board.”   A lot has changed since those early days in marine technology, but our committment remains the same. Innovations in electronic engine control systems, dependable high performance control cables, and shore power cable and water hose storage solutions have established our reputation as an industry leader.

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Automatic Synchronizer

Automatic Synchronizerautomatically makes two engines run as one!The Glendinning Automatic Synchronizer has been the industry standard for automatic engine synchronization for over 30 years. Engine synchronization is vital on twin engine boats, not only for the purpose of increased efficiency, but also to eliminate the annoying noise and vibration cause by engines operating at different speeds. - Automatic synchronization - unlike synchronizing lights and gages, the Glendinning Automatic Synchronizer adjusts engine speed automatically and continually, without any effort on the part of the boat operator.- Single lever control for two engines - when the Synchronizer is on, it will adjust the speed of the slave engine to exactly match the lead engine speed. The result of this is that the boat operator can control the speed of both engines by merely adjusting the speed of the master engine.- Compatible with all types of engines and controls - adapters are available for interfacing the Synchronizer with virtually every engine or control system, including push-pull hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic controls.- Very dependable - over 25,000 Synchronizers currently operating throughout the world. Some units have been operating since the products initial release.

Cablemaster - Shore Power Cable Handling System

Cablemaster - Shore Power Cable Handling System- EXTEND OR RETRACT 30-200 AMP SHORE POWER CABLE EASILY, JUST FLIP THE SWITCH! The Glendinning Cablemaster was developed to automatically extend, retract, and store your boat's shore power cable. The Cablemaster has a number of features that m

Complete Controls - Electronic engine controls

Complete Controls - Electronic engine controls- Glendinning's complete solution to controlling your boat's propulsion system!No matter what type of propulsion system your boat is equipped with - whether electronic or mechanical - Glendinning's Complete Controls™ System takes the guess work out of deciding which control system is right for you, with integrated components that together provide the ultimate in propulsion control. Benefits include: - CANbus Technology - simplifies wiring and allows greater flexibility when adding control stations by utilizing a single communication cable. - Plug-n-Play Installation - deutsch connectors make for easier installation and more secure connection of cables minimizing wiring connection problems. - Custom Configuration Adjustments - although the Complete Controls™ System is preconfigured at the factory before your order ships, custom configuration of certain system features can be easily performed from the main station control head. - Optional Gear / Throttle Backup Control - in the event the system should ever experience an unrecoverable failure, this options allows you to bypass the normal system processor and continue control of your boat's propulsion system. - Optional Smart Actuator for mechanically governed engines - the Glendinning Smart Actuator has proven to be a very powerful and reliable way to control your boat's mechanically governed propulsion system and integrates well with our Complete Controls™ system. CHOOSE WHICH APPLICATION IS RIGHT FOR YOU: - For electronically governed engines - EEC3™ product provides complete control of electronic throttle and shift engines. - For mechanically governed engines - the Smart Actuator™ or Smart Actuator II™ system provides complete control of mechanical throttle and shift engines or electronic throttle WITH mechanical transmissions. - For multiple engine applications - the Smart Actuator™ or Smart Actuator II™ system provides complete control of one, two, or three engines - inboard and outboards!

Glendinning – NW Controls

Glendinning – NW ControlsGlendinning Announces Acquisition of NW Controls, Inc. Assets (Conway, SC) - Glendinning Marine Products, Inc., a product development company that designs, assembles, and markets electro-mechanical devices for use in the RV and marine industries - has announced the completion of their acquisition of the assets of NW Controls, Inc (Harleysville, PA). NW Controls has been a leader in the control cable industry since it’s inception in 1945. In addition to being "a step above" in the areas of quality and service, NW Controls has utilized advance technology in the manufacture of "armored core" which is the unique component in their lowest-friction controls. Tough, flexible, and high performance are qualities that will continue to describe NW Controls by Glendinning. “This acquisition is a great opportunity for Glendinning to continue to provide quality products to the marine industry,” said Vice-President John Glendinning. “We have used NW Controls for the past 25 years and always felt that their cables were the best in the business.”

Hosemaster - Water hose storage solution

Hosemaster - Water hose storage solution- RETRACT AND STORE YOUR WATER HOSE WITH PUSH-BUTTON EASE!The Glendinning Hosemaster was developed to put an end to fighting with an uncooperative water hose during storage. Manually extend as much hose as is necessary for the task at hand - and when you're done the Hosemaster will automatically retract and store your boat's water hose with push-button ease. The Hosemaster has a number of features that make it an essential part of today's well-equipped yacht. Eliminates the mess - If you've ever tried to coil up your hose after use, you know how often you get wet and how uncooperative your hose can be. Simply push the button and let the Hosemaster automatically coil and store your water hose.Stainless steel construction - The Hosemaster is made of stainless steel and plastic, materials that hold up under harsh marine conditions where corrosion is a problem.Fits virtually anywhere - The compact design of the Hosemaster allows it to be installed in the most space challenged areas on your boat.Adjustable hose guide - Gives you greater flexibility during installation. This feature allows the unit to be mounted in a variety of positions.MOUNT IT . . . The Marine Hosemaster can be mounted in a variety of ways - > To the storage area floor below deck! > To the overhead in the storage area below deck! > Topside in a storage well! > Under stairs leading to the top deck (needs access door installed)!

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