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Glamox and Aqua Signal are the leading suppliers of lighting solutions to the world’s marine and offshore markets. As a local partner with a strong global network and a range of popular lighting brands, Glamox Aqua Signal can fulfill all maritime lighting requirements, including interior lighting, floodlights and searchlights, explosion-proof luminaires and navigation lights. We are setting the standard for marine and offshore lighting with our innovative and energy efficient solutions for extreme applications. Our products and solutions are developed and tested by our engineers at our own research and testing facilities, and manufactured and certified in accordance with all relevant quality and environmental standards. They are based on the latest technology and expertise – and generations of experience.

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Series 65 LED Navigation Lights for the commercial shipping industry. Aqua Signal sets the new standards in terms of efficiency, lifetime, cost effectiveness and maintenance with innovative LED technology. Long lifetime up to 110,000 hours means minimal maintenance. Low energy consumption, less than 2W means 95% energy use reduction compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Wide range of voltage input from 24V DC to 115-230V AC. Reliability with main and back up system compactly integrated into a single lighting tier. Optimal thermal management to minimize effects of high temperatures. Available in black or white plastic housing or brass housing. Arctic version also available. Certified to UL standards.


The FL60 floodlight comes with the most up-to-date LED technology. FL60 needs no maintenance, has a longer service life and is also more efficient. As the control units are often the weakest element in LED lighting solutions, Glamox has equipped its new FL60 with an innovative driver technology. This facilitates the optimum system efficiency it promises and makes it possible to operate the floodlight in extreme temperatures ranging from minus 45 degrees to plus 55 degrees Celsius. Comprehensive tests have moreover demonstrated that the maintenance intervals required for the FL60 – when used on offshore facilities  are at least five times as long as those of conventional floodlights. As floodlights are frequently installed in areas that are difficult to access without scaffolding or the help of industrial climbers, the extended maintenance intervals of the FL0 floodlight will reduce operating costs enormously.


The robust lighting solutions for offshore sector, commercial ships, megayachts, recreational boats, cruise ships and ferries, as well as special luminaires for naval use. With the Glamox DL60 LED Downlight, the lighting specialists of the industry are launching yet another energy-saving innovation. While maintaining the same light quality, the new product series reduces energy consumption as compared with filament lamps by 65 percent. The DL60 has been developed in such a way that high light intensity is possible and at the same time it renders a warm light (low color temperature).Since 2008 the Glamox Group has been continuously expanding its LED product range. Light-emitting diodes are more economical in power consumption, last longer and are easier to maintain. They are less sensitive to vibrations and shocks than traditional lighting equipment – all properties that make LEDs the preferred light source for use in demanding application areas.


Our helideck, obstacle and perimeter surface lights are equipped with high performance maintenance free LEDs. Small compact design allows easy installation. Vibration-resistant technology with integrated fail safe function. UV-resistant, seawater resistant, vibration proof. Low power consumption, low weight, dimming function Wide range of voltage input from 24V DC to 110-230V AC. Temperature range: -40°C / +55°C  


EXIT signs are applicable for escape routes and directory signage. They are designed according to rules of maritime classification societies. The EXIT signs which stand out for their smooth design are available with different housing and battery mode. Emergency sign for recessed or surface mounting based on LED. Housing in aluminum and zinc coated steel sheet with sign in polycarbonate. Available in White. Other colors on request. Cover chrome plated, polished brass or white RAL 9016. Light source tubular compact 7W, T16 fluorescent  8W or LED. Sign of two plates with symbol in between or polycarbonate diffuser with sign.


We are proud to introduce the next generation of remote controlled searchlights, the Norselight SL40 R5. The product range includes a variety of halogen and xenon searchlights. Seawater resistant aluminum housing and motor house, coupled with excellent heat management, ensures a searchlight with long run-time and long lifetime. The SL40 R5 is designed with a IP56 rating and is approved for temperatures down to -40°C and up to +50°C. The SL40 R5 is operated by use of a control panel(s), with joystick and buttons, and are simple to install and operate.


The innovative LED outdoor lighting fixtures are applicable for a wide range of different areas, workshops, engine rooms, stores, passage ways etc.  The TL60 is the perfect choice of luminaire for demanding applications, and is approved for temperatures down to -35C and up to +55C in the standard configuration. Its low building profile along with its slim and elegant design makes TL60 the best solution for areas like car decks, engine rooms and other demanding applications such as extreme weather conditions at sea. The color rendering index (CRI) is above 80 and provides the surrounding area with high quality lighting. Color temperature, CCT is 4000 Kelvin. TX60 is LED Zone 1 and 2 version.


FX60 floodlight with the most up-to-date LED technology, suitable for hazardousareas (hazard zones 1 and 2). No maintenance, a longer service life, moreefficient. It is equipped with an innovative driver technology. It operatesfrom -50 C to +55 C.  Glamox has equipped its new FX60 with an innovativedriver technology. Extended maintenance intervals of the FX60 will reduce operating cost enormously.


GKI LED energy efficient solution is based on long experience in the marine and offshore segment, and is designed for technical rooms, engine rooms, freezing rooms and on-deck applications.  Replacing the existing fluorescent tubes in GKI can reduce power consumption with more than 50%. This means saved energy costs. Transition from tubes to LED in GKI will increase the lifetime substantially and reduce the maintenance costs. GKI LED luminaire has a lifetime of 50.000 hours at +45°C ambient temperature, which means that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Available with internal battery backup, in 2 lengths:  17 and 32 W,  681 mm and 1291 mm.  UL marine approved. Update your installation to the new energy efficient and long lasting solution.


Ceiling luminaires for accommodation areas. Steel housing with white epoxy/ polyester powder coated paint finish. Meeting maritime requirements. Fixtures with high quality light distribution are easy to install and to maintain. This light offers a wide range of optical systems and side profiles or frame for adaption to different ceiling types.  Options:DLT RS (M)DLT RST (M)DLT RT (M) 300 / 600DLT RT (CM) 600 LED DLT RT (M) 609 

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