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GENTEX Corporation designs and manufactures crew communications systems for combatant, patrol and rescue craft. Our systems provide interface to the craft’s radio systems, navigation systems and alarm systems while providing crewmembers hearing protection, ballistic head protection and hands-free communications.

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Alarm Interface Module (AIM)

Alarm Interface Module (AIM)The Alarm Interface Module (AIM) is a component of the LVIS digital Crew Communications System. The AIM detects vessel alarm conditions triggered by various onboard systems and reproduces them in the intercom audio stream to ensure that all crew communications systems users are cognizant of the alarm.

Crew Connection Point (CCP)

Crew Connection Point (CCP)• Provides access for headwear for one crewmember • Wired access and power to support ANR headwear and charge portable transceivers • Provides power to support ANR headwear and charge portable transceiver • Independent selection of interconnected radios (based on programming at intercom control) • Independent listen/level control • Radio Combine/Isolate allows crew to monitor all onboard radios (based on programming at intercom control) or selected radio only • Two color keypad & display- NVG compatible green- Night vision preservation red

Gencom Headset

Gencom Headset• Collapsible headband for easy, protected storage in a pocket or case• Fits underneath PASGT, MICH and ACH and SOHAH helmets• Low two-point fastener and easy height adjustment with no protruding parts• Soft, wide foam and fluid filled sealing rings with built-in pressure reduction channels for ideal comfort• Microphone connection point• Talk-through microphones pick up ambient noise to maximum level for the wearer to monitor ambient sound• Submersible to 20'

Gentex® Portable Transceiver (GPT)

Gentex® Portable Transceiver (GPT)For wireless hands-free communication • PTT or VOX operation for hands-free communication • Independent listen/level control • Submersible to 2 ATM (10m) • Range up to 1500m (line of sight) • 8 hour battery life 5/5/90 duty cycle

LVIS® digital

LVIS® digitalLVIS® digital  Littoral Vessel Intercom System is a modular, light-weight, marine-grade crew communications system available with the Gentex® Portable Transceiver (GPT) for wireless intercommunications. LVIS digital is specially designed for crew communications and radio access in combatant, patrol, and rescue craft. A fully integrated system offers a complete hard-wired and wireless solution that is easily configurable and adaptable to the ever-changing mission profiles encountered in daily operations.

Radio interface/intercom control (RIIC)

Radio interface/intercom control (RIIC)• 2 system bus ports connect up to12 CCP’s • Can be expanded to accommodate additional radios and crew • Programmable access for each crewmember to each radio system • NMEA 0183 Interface • Ethernet programming port • Factory configurable for 1-8 long range radios • Factory configurable with internal wireless hub to support portable transceivers (uses up to one radio port) • Operates on 9-32 VDC Power

Special Operations Headset Adjustable Helmet (SOHAH)

Special Operations Headset Adjustable Helmet (SOHAH)• Ballistic protection with a V50 of 1400fpts or 215fpt • Fits over most communications headsets including those with noise-attenuating styles • Weights less than 32 ounces • Replaces all CB-OTH MKII and MKIII boat crew helmets • Integrated pad suspension system for maximum comfort and versatility • Helmet colors: Black; Green; Foliage Green: Olive Drab; CHP Blue; UN Blue; MET Blue; Desert Tan; Coyote Brown; International Orange; Lusterless Gray

Ops-Core Adaptive Mission Platform (AMP) Communication Headset

Theadvanced 3D hear-through and hearing protection capabilities in the Ops-CoreAMP Communication Headset enhance situational awareness and user safety. Foroptimal flexibility and performance, the modular headset can be easilyconfigured to meet a wide range of mission needs with options for headband orhelmet mounted use, single or double hearing protection, and single ormulti-channel communications.

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