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During the past 50 years we have a consistent history of creating trend-setting products with our Torsional Vibration Dampers and Torsional Elastic Couplings.  We concurrently attempt to optimize space and reduce weight with our products.  We rely on state-of-the-art technology, production, planning, design and service.  Every company that we have worked with knows first-hand how we collaborate to be the best.  We convert concepts from the drawing board into action through continuous investment in people, equipment and facilities around the world.  A diesel engine requires different application engineering than a compressor.  A compressor approach is different again from a modern gas engine.  Each system has its own dynamics, environment, installation and packaging.  We back our capabilities with ongoing investment in research and development activities.  This keeps our know-how current so we can transfer it to our partners.  It results in worry free solutions.  We are built to reduce torsional vibrations.  Milestones in our history include the first misalignment coupling made from carbon fiber material – the Geislinger Gesilco.  Milestones also include a compact and effective steel solution for shaft misalignments – the Geislinger Flexlink, the CompoShaft to replace typical Cardan style shafts, and the high-speed Carbotorq.  We have also been pioneers in diverse sectors such as integrated transmission couplings.  We use our computer simulations to model the effects of damping and elasticity.  This is an integral and detailed correlation between system mass-elastic and Geislinger product application to demonstrate effects of torsional vibrations on various components.  At Geislinger we use our 50 years of vast applications and product engineering experience from across a broad variety of market sectors to create a specifically engineered technical solution for each system.

Products & Services


Geislinger Engine Crankshaft Dampers

Geislinger Engine Crankshaft DampersThe Geislinger Damper adjusts the natural frequency of a system in order to reduce the torsional vibrations in 2 & 4 stroke engines. The Geislinger Damper elasticity is determined by the internals of the Damper which are determined by the Torsional Vibration Analysis. The elasticity of the damper allows the torsional system to be detuned and the most critical resonances eliminated. Thus, the Geislinger Damper reliably protects the crankshafts, camshafts, and intermediate shafts of reciprocating systems.

Geislinger Gesilco Misalignment Composite Coupling

Geislinger Gesilco Misalignment Composite CouplingThe Geislinger Gesilco Misalignment Coupling product range combines over 20 years of experience of developing carbon fibre composite misalignment couplings and Shaftlines for your propulsion driveline system. The Geislinger Misalignment Couplings are designed to compensate for radial, axial, and angular misalignments in your driveline system. The combination of the Geislinger Torsional Coupling and a Gesilco misalignment coupling creates a superior coupling combination that isolates torsional damping (Geislinger Coupling) and high misalignment compensation (Gesilco Coupling) with extremely low reaction forces. The newly designed Gesilco "Butterfly" Misalignment Coupling will be on display in the Geislinger Booth.

Geislinger Torsional Steel Coupling

Torsional Steel CouplingThe Geislinger Torsional Coupling is an all steel coupling that uses hydrodynamic damping to reduce torsional vibrations in your propulsion system driveline. The Geislinger Torsional Coupling uses either pressurized oil from the engine or gearbox, or it can be oil-filled if pressurized oil is not available. The all steel construction of the Geislinger Coupling ensures constant and superior performance in all operating conditions throughout the lifetime of the coupling. The Geislinger Torsional Steel Coupling is designed specifically for your propulsion driveline after the completion of the Torsional Vibration Analysis which is completed in house by a Geislinger expert. As a result, the integration of the Geislinger Torsional Steel Coupling results in lower crankshaft stresses, along with lower stresses in other shafts, gears, and downstream components.

Geislinger Silenco Coupling

Geislinger Silenco CouplingThe Geislinger Silenco is an acoustically optimized maintenance free misalignment coupling. The lightweight Geislinger Silenco is designed to minimize the transfer of structure borne sound in your propulsion driveline system. The modular system of the Geislinger Silenco is compromised of components with the best acoustical performance, and to further optimize the Silenco coupling special flanges made out of a combination of composite material, rubber, and steel have been specifically developed. The Geislinger Silenco can be combined with the Geislinger Torsional Steel Coupling to provide a complete propulsion driveline system that not only dampens torsional vibrations, but also reduces the transfer of structure borne sound in your application. 

Geislinger Monitoring System

Geislinger Monitoring System The Geislinger Monitoring System (GMS) is a continuous monitoring and measuring system for rotating components. The GMS is usually used in conjunction with a Geislinger Torsional Coupling or Geislinger Damper. The main task of the GMS is to monitor the components and recognize functional deviations. When programmed safety limits are reached or exceeded an alarm in the GMS is triggered. The GMS system allows the user to take appropriate measures when an alarm is triggered to prevent component and system failures.

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