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Garibaldi Glass has over 50 years of glass manufacturing experience and is recognized around the world as a leading producer of yacht-quality marine window glass, interior & exterior glazing and frameless shower enclosures.

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FM OceanBond IG 2

FM OceanBond IG 2Double-glazed insulated units for bonded-frameless applications. Our double-glaze units insulate against extreme heat and cold, eliminate interior condensation and provide an additional safety barrier between you and the harsh marine environment.

FM OceanBond IG 5

FM OceanBond IG 5Frameless-bonded window, safety tempered for strength and durability.


MullionCross section of a typical window installation. Garibaldi's windows offer greater strength and sound absorption, increased design freedom, and the elimination of water leaks and corrosion repair.

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