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With over 50 years experience, Garibaldi Glass is the leading manufacturer of marine glass and glazing technologies for all types of ships and yachts. We supply a full range of solutions for direct glazed windows with our propriety OceanBond™ glass as well as glass for framed windows.
We specialize in excellent quality, quick service and technical assistance necessary in providing exterior and interior glazing, frameless shower enclosures and specialized glass entrance systems.

Products & Services


OceanBond Marine Tempered Glass

Garibaldi Glass provides glass to your custom pattern, color and glass type requirement. Our OceanBond Ceramic frit is a pigmented glass enamel permanently fused to the glass surface, through the tempering process at temperatures in excess of 1200F. This product is available in solid, and translucent colors. Ceramic frit is available in monolithic, laminated, and insulated units.

Laminated Marine Tempered Glass

Solve unique glazing challenges and add safety and securityto your vessel. We have several options available with our advanced highstrength and stiffness marine inter-layers. Whether clear or tinted we can providetempered and laminated glass to suit your requirements. 

Boat Building / Repair

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Boat Building Supplies

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