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FUELTRAX® is a smart, self-contained fuel management solution to meet the challenges facing today’s commercial marine operators. It standardizes the acquisition, secure transfer, tracking and analysis of accurate, reliable fleet-wide performance data for any type of vessel, fuel, engine or location.

The FUELTRAX onboard fuel management system enables you to optimize operations in response to live data reporting, and achieve fuel efficiency, security and compliance with international regulations and chartering requirements. Coriolis mass-flow meters measure and record detailed information on fuel consumption and vessel activity in real time, and integral satellite communications ensure your big data analytics are at your fingertips wherever you are in the world.

FUELTRAX sets a higher standard for vessel performance, removing human error and delays in data reporting and lowering operational costs. Access to the FUELTRAX online logistics management database, FUELNET, is available 24/7 and enables marine operators to continually improve vessel and fleet efficiency, make better informed charter decisions and share fully secured information across teams, both onboard and on shore. Talk to FUELTRAX about how our solution will help your fleet stay fit for business. Find us at the WorkBoat Show, Booth #2352 or visit fueltrax.com.

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FUELTRAX® is a smart, electronic fuel management solution (EFMS). It standardizes the acquisition, secure transfer, tracking and analysis of real-time performance data, supporting enhanced vessel and fleet efficiency. FUELTRAX offers protection against a range of maritime challenges – from fuel theft to regulatory compliance.FUELTRAX can be installed easily on any vessel or fleet, regardless of fuel type or engine model, and is closed loop for enhanced security. Accurate, direct measurements are taken with Coriolis mass flow meters, permitting real-time optimization recommendations. Each system includes its own GPS & data link, keeping data free from interference or human errors, and supporting accurate, evidence-based decision-making.FUELTRAX sets a higher standard for vessel performance. It enables marine operators to monitor and secure fuel assets, connect across teams and analyze data to make better informed charter decisions through increased transparency.


FUELNET is a fully secure cloud-based logistics management system. Its user-friendly online portal enables easy fuel management across entire fleets where FUELTRAX is installed, and is wholly owned and maintained by FUELTRAX for increased security and reliability.FUELNET provides fleet-wide, fully customizable views of fuel activities to suit your exact reporting needs. Its powerful graphs, charts and spreadsheets can be viewed online, anywhere in the world. Live fuel activity snapshots are GPS-stamped, encrypted and, with historical minute-by-minute data uploaded every 24 hours. Password-protected and available 24/7, FUELNET provides a fast, transparent channel for data sharing between the office, global teams, and the vessel.All fuel-related data is stored and available online via FUELNET in perpetuity, providing a baseline to support your future evidence-based business and operational decisions with access to big-data analytics and reporting tools.

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