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Known internationally as The Powerful Solutions People, F&M MAFCO provides construction tools, equipment, cranes, and crane parts and supplies all over the globe. F&M MAFCO is the single source for heavy rigging packages, slings, safety equipment, air tuggers, plant modification, tool trailers and welding systems.

Products & Services


Crane Operator Controls Retrofits and Upgrades

Convert your traditional style American crane and Manitowoc crane friction rig operations to modern day controls style with electric over pneumatic controls. Find more operators to run your equipment more safely. Ergonomic Designs *Modular for better isolation from machine works and a quieter cab. *Larger cab with more windows for greater visibility. *HVAC controls. *Reclining seat with adjustable height and arm rests.  State-of-the-art Enhancements and Safety features *Single lever joysticks to control crane operations. *Locking style foot brake pedals. *Keyed lock-out available to prevent free fall.  Many other features available.Photo is of an American 700 series pedestal crane. Also see our info for Hoist controls upgrades.Visit our website for more details.

Winch and Hoist Controls Upgrades

Convert your traditional winch and hoist friction rig operations to modern day controls style with electric over pneumatic controls. Find more operators to run your equipment more safely.We can replace traditional flex air valve operation with modern controls.We can also consolidate operations for multiple winches into one operator station as well as fabricate large cabs.Photo shows a new Manitowoc 390E hoist operator station on the left, compared to traditional flex air valve operation.Visit our website for more controls details 

Crane and Hoist Rebuilds, Boom Repair, and Assembly Services

Save time and money by rebuilding your American and Manitowoc cranes, and large hoists and derricks. We have many options to fit your budget including rebuilt exchange crane houses. We fabricate operator cabs, cab extensions, along with boom repair and heavy fabrications. Upgrade your control systems to have more options for equipment operators. (See our Crane Operator Controls Retrofits & Upgrades product listing) We also offer disassembly and assembly services. Photo shown is an American 9310 crawler crane during site assembly process. We rebuilt a crane house from our inventory, fabricated the high cab extension & larger operator cab, and swapped out the customer's existing crane house covering all disassembly and assembly services. The customer used all of their other existing crane components (tracks, carbody, boom, counterweights, etc).Visit our website for more info. Watch our featured crane rebuild video

Sectional / Modular Barge Repairs

- Inspection / Pressure Test- Repair- Sandblast- Prime / Paint- OEM replacement parts used in repairs- We can also help by storing them for you

Manitowoc 4100W S-II Crawler and X-TENDER 420 ton

Ifyou need a mobile unit for for super heavy picks, this mug-a-lunch is ready tomake you money. Visit our website to learn more about this product.

Manitowoc 4600 S-III Crane and S-II Ringer 600 ton

ThisManitowoc 4600 S-III Crane and S-II Ringer, 600 ton capacity, is available forrent or sale. Use it on land or barge. Visit our website to learn more about this product.

Crane Parts

F&M MAFCO, Inc. service technicians are experienced in heavy equipment repair, including cranes, hoists, and derricks. We repair most major brands including, Manitowoc, Link Belt, American, P&H, and Grove.We offer international repair and erection supervision services on all makes and models of cranes, hoists, derricks, and other heavy equipment. We have service representatives that are available worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rigging Equipment

F&M MAFCO, Inc. offers a wide variety of lifting and rigging solutions to include manual chain hoists, lever hoists, grip hoists and steamboat ratchets. All lifting and rigging equipment is inspected, serviced and load tested (to 125% of rated capacity) prior to being shipped to your job.

On-site support systems

Movingforward to take the Next S.T.E.P. We can help you build your dreams. We haveeverything you need for your job all under one umbrella. Streamlined process,cut costs and the statistics to make sure you are on track. You customize theOn-Site Support System. We set it up. We can even man it for you. You have allthe tools you need, at your fingertips, every day. Partner with you as youbuild the world.

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