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FCI Watermakers are the true innovators of marine reverse osmosis watermakers. FCI Watermakers are a dependable solution for for a variety of applications. We offer a complete line of reverse osmosis watermakers that are capable of fulfilling any fresh water need from 200 to over 250,000 GPD in the most demanding and diverse oceanic applications. FCI desalination systems offer exceptional quality and reliability through state-of-the-art design and superior construction

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Aquamiser - The Aquamiser Plus Series offers convenient programmable settings and remote display capability. With outputs of 250–1800 GPD, the Aquamiser is the ideal water maker for small boats / marine vessels. This water purification system is safe, efficient and dependable, offering boat owners convenience and peace of mind. 

Max-Q+APC (Automatic Pressure Control)

Max-Q+APC - The new Max-Q+APC is a self regulating, fully automatic watermaker. Using FCI’s exclusive technology, it's one of the most advanced and reliable desalinators ever manufactured. With the simple push of button the Max-Q+APC has the ability to deliver 700 to 1850 GPD of water per day. Digital operation has eliminated the need for pressure gauges and flow meters to provide years of dependable service and worry free operation. 

Neptune+APC (Automatic Pressure Control)

Neptune+APC - The Neptune Series water maker can meet your demand for continuous-duty water purification and desalination. With the ability to constantly process large volumes of water -- 1200 - 9500 GPD -- the Neptune Series is the ideal commercial grade water maker and desalination unit for large boats, marine vessels, oil platforms, and land based applications.Now with APC (Automatic Pressure Control) the Neptune series delivers reliability and ease of operation like never before. Helping to minimize operational cost, the Neptune Series is the industry leader for the toughest environments. 

Poseidon Series - Large Commercial Watermaker

The Poseidon marine reverse osmosis system is the industry’s choice when commercial applications call for substantial capacities of fresh water. This high-output marine desalination unit features unrivaled quality and superior manufacturing with proven reliability in the most demanding marine applications. With production ranges from 10,000 – 50,000+ GPD, the Poseidon commercial watermaker is commonly used around the world on offshore oil platforms, petroleum support vessels, commercial ships, military vessels and land based applications

Neptune Series Oil and Gas (OG)

The Neptune+ OG line is our newest development in the Neptune Series of watermakers. The rugged designaddresses the demanding needs of the Oil and Gas industry, Rental Fleets, Isolated Island applications, oranywhere environmental conditions require solid engineering, and trouble-free operation. Building on thefoundation and excellent track record of the Neptune+APC, we’ve increased filtration, added FRP cluster housingsand direct drive pumps. The frame with built-in lifting eyes, comes in 316 Stainless Steel or 6061 Aluminum.Our V4 HMI control system is fully automated and customizable through a marine grade, high resolution TouchScreen. Enclosures are completely NMEA 4X compliant, and explosion proof ratings are also available. Couplethis unit with its corresponding media filtration skid, and you’ll have the optimal system.

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