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New Patented Inspection Tags for Subchapter M compliance & GHS Secondary Tags for outdoor & oily surfaces. Durable marine Tags for Synthetic Rope, Mooring Lines, Rigging, Lifesaving and Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Serial Number & Data. Tags are for use in Marine, Outdoor and Harsh environments. Etiflex Corp is a leading supplier of industrial grade, outdoor and marine tags used in harsh environments. With over 25 years of experience using our proprietary formula, our multi-color labels are known for their durability, resistance to UV exposure , Chemicals and abrasion and their strength. The raised 3 Dimensional lettering and matte non glare finish make these tags the easiest to read in wet, nighttime and emergency applications – and they have received Coast Guard and FAA approval in several applications. Stop by our booth and see the many applications on display.

Products & Services


Inspection Tags for Marine Equipment

TheseInspection tags are perfect for compliance to Subchapter M  and can be used for Fire Extinguishers,Ropes, Lifesaving Equipment and Maintenance Applications like valves andLubrication schedules. These Tags use our Patented Punch Marking System thatpermanently marks the labels and uses no ink.They are resistant to most solvents,abrasion, and UV exposure. Made specifically for Marine, outdoor andHarsh Environments, these tags are flexible, durable  and are easy to read.

GHS Secondary Container Tags

Thisis a New Tag designed for use on hard to label containers that hold petroleumproducts or chemical solvents. These Tags use our Patented Punch Marking Systemthat permanently marks the labels and our unique method of attachment to thecontainer using no adhesives or fasteners. They use no ink and are resistant tomost solvents, and abrasion, and UV exposure  and are easy to read. Great for use in Marineand Maintenance applications where regular decals won’t work. Because they arealways attached and always readable, these labels guarantee compliance andavoid violations in hard to use applications.

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Chains & Fittings
  • Mooring Systems
  • Rope
  • Wire Ropes

Safety / Survival

  • Safety & Survival


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