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Since 1974, EMI has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing Steering, Automation, Alarm & Monitoring Systems, Propulsion Controls, Shaft & Engine Tachometers, Engine Order Telegraph, Nav Light Panels, and Integrated Control Consoles. EMI can meet ABS and USCG Subchapter M requirements. We have systems on OSV’s, tugboats, towboats, research vessels, yachts, Coast Guard and other Military craft. Our engineering staff is current on regulatory requirements and can provide all documentation necessary to assure your vessel is in compliance. Our field service department is expertly staffed to provide the after-sales support that you expect. For more than 40 years, EMI has been at the forefront of workboat automation and control technology and we will continue to bring innovative solutions to this industry.

Products & Services


Propulsion Controls

Engine Monitor, Inc's electronic engine throttle control system is reliable, robust and easy to maintain.  We can provide multiple stations, complete with throttle handles, station transfer controls and all equipment required to interface with your marine propulsion and/or thruster engines.  Our propulsion systems can be provided stand-alone or integrated with our other products, such as tachometers, steering controls and alarm and machinery alarm systems.

Integrated Consoles

Engine Monitor, Inc. has provided customized consoles and panels for a large variety of marine applications.  Our designs are performed with 3D technology to better visualize the finished product, prior to fabrication.  Fabrication is then accomplished using precision waterjet and laser technology, to obtain highly accurate and clean surfaces that are ready for immediate assembly.  High quality coating systems, to our spec or yours, provide a professional finish.  We can also install and pre-wire EMI or customer furnished equipment into our consoles.

Vessel Automation

EMI designs and manufactures automation solutions using state-of-the-art technology to provide sophisticated control systems for remote machinery automation and monitoring, power management systems, remote valve control and monitoring, etc.  From simple pushbutton panels to complex programmable systems with touchscreen interface panels, our engineers can provide solutions to meet and exceed your requirements and satisfy all regulatory concerns.

Steering Systems

EMI is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of workboat steering systems, gaining recognition for excellence and innovation in our designs.  Our flagship product line uses modern proportional hydraulic technology to provide smooth, precise rudder motion.  We also offer innovative designs that lower the required electric motor size on generator-limited workboats.  Our engineers stay abreast of regulatory requirements and can provide all of the documentation required for your system.

Alarm Systems

EMI has been designing and manufacturing alarm systems for the workboat industry since 1975. Standard light panels are available for quick delivery. For more complex or customized solutions, our engineers can tailor a design to your needs, using programmable logic controllers and and touchscreen interface panels. We stay abreast of regulatory requirements and can provide the documentation necessary to guarantee your system's compliance.

Shaft & Engine Tachometer Systems

Engine Monitor, Inc. manufactures tachometer systems to regulatory standards for measuring propeller shaft or engine RPM.  These systems are offered stand-alone or integrated with any of our other control systems.

Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) Systems

Engine Monitor, Inc. manufactures Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) systems to regulatory standards for communicating and confirming emergency propulsion commands between the pilothouse and the engine room. These systems are offered stand-alone or integrated with any of our other control systems.

Boat Building Supplies

  • Tank Gauging & Alarm Systems
  • Steering Systems
  • Monitoring Systems

Computer / Software / Internet

  • Vessel Management Systems

Electronics / Communications

  • Interior Communication

Propulsion / Power

  • Engine Monitoring Systems
  • Control Systems