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EBI designs and manufacturers liftboats, marine cranes, gear reductions, winches, hydraulic cylinders and many other components for the offshore/marine industry. EBI has 3 locations in southern Louisiana and specializes in crane design, precision machine work, metal forming, fabrication & welding.

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EBI offers a variety of cranes with capacities from 1 1/2 to 250 tons: offshore platform cranes, hose handling cranes, shipboard cranes, dock cranes, fixed, telescopic and lattice booms, diesel/electric hydraulic power units, complete safety systems with AOPS, MOPS, and anti-two blocking, wireless remote control, and active heave compensation. EBI cranes are manufactured in accordance with requirements of API, OSHA, ABS, GL DNV, BV, LR and USCG. Extensive in house manufacturing allows EBI Cranes to be customized to meet unique or specific customer requirements under tight delivery constraints. Find out more about Marine Cranes.


FABRICATION      With our plasma, flame and water jet cutting capabilities, we can cut a full range of programmed patterns out of steel, aluminum, or exotic materials.  Fully integrated 3D modeling and analysis capability supports detailed fabrication.  Metal forming equipment includes: 5/8"x30' Pacific shear, Roundo 6"x6"x5/8" angle roller, Pacific 30'-1000 ton press brake, 4 roll 3/4"-10'  wide plate roller, 18'x40' high definition plasma CNC burning table, CNC water jet table with tilt head and 12” diameter pipe bending machine. EBI has AWS and ABS certified welders and welding procedures facilitating detailed welding fabrication.   Find out more about Fabrication


GEARBOXES      Gear reductions are designed and manufactured to meet requirements by AGMA and ABS MODU Rules. Planetary gear reductions have output pinion jacking capacities ranging from 10 tons through 125 tons per pinion.  EBI gearboxes utilize EBI’s proven and unique 12 tooth output pinion and locking taper wedge mounting system. Find out more about Gearboxes.


HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS      EBI hydraulic cylinders are designed for durability in the tough marine environment.  The cylinders are double acting and feature bronze bushings. Maximum working pressures range from 3000 psi to 3500 psi and extended lengths range from 85" to 296". EBI cylinders are designed in accordance with requirement of API, ABS and ASME. Find out more about Hydraulic Cylinders


EBI can provide a jacking system to elevate structures in a multitude of various configurations. EBI Jacking Systems consist of linear structure with gear rack attached and planetary gear reductions driving pinion gears that travel along the gear rack (rack and pinion). Jacking Systems utilize all electric or electric over hydraulic power and can be fitted with diesel engine or electric motor prime movers. EBI can provide all elements of the system including jacking control, alarms, safety interlocks, planetary drivers, hydraulic and electrical components, and structure. Find out more about Jacking Systems.


LIFTBOATS      EBI's fleet consists of 25 boats ranging from 60 ft leg class through 150 ft. leg class.  Each vessel is equipped with cranes and living accommodations suitable for construction, oil field service activities, coastal restoration, bridge construction, and personnel accommodation.  Vessels are designed, built and operated in house providing for timely and efficient service and support. Find out more about Liftboats


MACHINING      EBI has a complete machine, welding and fabrication shop located in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Our production department includes a complete line of manual and CNC machine tools supported by 3D modeling, analysis and programming enabling efficient prototyping and mass production of parts.  Large diameter vertical CNC lathes support machining of winch drums and flange applications. Find out more about our Machine Shop.


OUTSIDE MACHINING      EBI has a line of portable machining equipment capable of line boring and machine activity on your job site. Find out more about Outside Machining. 


RESCUE BOAT      EBI rescue boats are specifically designed for liftboat applications.  Boats are outfitted with lifting eyes, foam filled gunwale tubes, aluminum tread plate flooring and foam filled seats making them extremely durable and virtually unsinkable.  Aluminum gunwale tubes are far superior to air filled units. Find out more about EBI Rescue Boats.


WINCHES      EBI winches are designed and manufactured to meet requirements of API SPEC 2C, ABS, and GL DNV.  Winch models range in capacity for 5000 lb line pull to 50,000 lb line pull.  All are designed for the rugged offshore environment.  EBI’s proven hydraulic motor input and spring actuated / hydraulically released brake provide dependable performance. Find out more about Winches.

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