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Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full service – full circle international supplier of premium shrink wrap and all installation accessories. We are noted for innovative products, prompt delivery, competitive pricing and experienced application advice. Shrink wrap available in 12′ to 60′ wide in 6 to 12 mil thick. Specialty options include Flame Retardant and Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI).
New products for 2018-2019 are the Lightning Vent (DS-LIGHTNING), Rhino Cap (DS-RCAP), and SeatSaver (DS-SEATSAVER).

Products & Services


Premium Shrinkwrap

Premium Shrink Wrap Premium shrink wrap with optional flame retardant or corrosion preventive properties.  Available in widths up to 60' and thickness up to 12 mils. Our film comes in white, blue and clear. All materials are 100% virgin resin with maximum UVI for long term usage.

Shrinkfast 998 Propane Fired Heat Tool Kit

Shrinkfast 998 Propane Fired Heat Tool KitThe Shrinkfast 998 is a propane fired heat tool which comes in a kit that includes a 25’ hose, adjustable regulator,  wrench for tightening the hose fittings, and high-impact plastic carrying case.  The 998 is a durable and powerful heat tool.  It puts out up to 212,000 btus at 22 pounds of gas pressure.  One year warranty.

Strapping Dispenser

It's never been easier to dispense your strapping! Dr. Shrink's new Strapping Dispenser has a durable and lightweight design which is compatible with all our premium 1/2" and 3/4" strapping rolls. The unit features a convenient carrying handle and low resistance spindle system.  This new Strapping Dispenser is the ideal tool to prevent knots, tangles, and twists in the strapping.

Belt Clip for Shrinkfast® 998

The Belt Clip for the Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool allows installers to keep the heat tool at their side for easy access. With this Belt Clip, the heat tool is always within reach for convenient handling, saving users time and effort. This handy device also helps prevent damage to the heat tool from dropping or mishandling. *Heat tool in picture not included*

Weather-Tight Filter Vent (DS-683F)

Dr. Shrink's DS-683F Weather-Tight Filter Vent uses a filter pad inside the vent top to keep dust, bugs, dirt and other debris out of shrink wrapped products. Identical to the standard DS-683 Weather-Tight Vent, the DS-683F Filter Vent is easy to install, inexpensive, versatile, has a replaceable filter, and works in any climate. The DS-683F Filter Vent comes with the filter pre-installed.

Humidity Dial

Shows humidity (by percentage with the dial) inside shrink wrapped objects. The Humidity Dial scale ranges from 0% to 100% humidity - the dial will automatically adjust to level of humidity inside shrink wrapped object. Great for small boats and smaller equipment. Easy to read dial with clear display window.

ProGARDO CargoPack 300 (DS-PROCDRI)

Desiccant bags with special characteristics of 300% + absorption rate and polymer encapsulated. Will reduce the risk of breakage and spill on cargo, and does not leak after full absorption. 380 gram unit. Protects 90 cubic feet vs. CargoDry Pak 45 cubic feet. Only takes 15 units to cover a 20' container.

Lightning Vent (DS-LIGHTNING)

Dr. Shrink's new Lightning Vent is a one-handed installation vent that allows for easy and quick installation with an all new strap and friction hood which secures the vent to the cover with no taping required. Features: improves upon a tested vent design and twice as secure as the Stealth Vent with no taping required, new strap and friction hood holds Lightning Vent in place and is ideal for both long term storage or transportation purposes, large hood over vent opening for better weather protection ensuring moisture and weather stays out of your wrapped items.   

Rhino Cap (DS-RCAP)

Dr. Shrink is improving on its proven End Caps with this heavy duty Rhino Cap. Designed for optimum pierce protection, the Rhino Cap features more surface area, greater strength, and strapping grooves to make your strapping structure easier to create and more durable than ever. Features: improves upon our tested and proven End Cap design by adding additional support and rigidity, 100% stronger than existing End Cap design with 20% more surface area, edges are strengthened around the entire perimeter to provide maximum strength against snow load, molded plastic base fits 2x4 support post, molded strapping slots allows for easier installation, reusable and durable design.


The SeatSaver is an all new revolutionary product that is ideal for any pontoon boat with seat backs that are exposed above the upper rail which come in contact with strapping and shrink wrap material. The SeatSaver will protect the seat backs from strapping indentation and abrasion while also providing lift-off benefit, keeping the film off vinyl during the wrapping process. This will give even the novice shrink wrapper the peace of mind knowing their vinyl is protected from abrasion and strapping indentation during the shrinking process.Features: fits on all 1.25" square tubing top rails on pontoon boats, provides either a 2" or 4" lift of the strapping over vinyl seat backs, reversible with strapping receivers at both ends of the product.

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