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Donaldson delivers filtration solutions for tugs, OSV, crew/supply ships, trawlers & stevedoring. We offer air intake, lube, coolant and transmission filters for a range of marine engines, z-drives, generators and compressors. We also offer hydraulic and bulk fluid filtration for marine equipment.

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Donaldson Blue™ - Premium Filters

There's a new standard in heavy-duty filtration -- Donaldson Blue™.  The very best Donaldson technology across a wide range of engine and bulk fluid filtration applications is easy to recognize -- they're all blue.  Made using Donaldson's most advanced technologies, Donaldson Blue filters are the definitive choice to protect your on-board and on-shore equipment, reduce maintenance cost and increase uptime.  With more than 150 air intake, lube, fuel, coolant and bulk fluid filters, Donaldson Blue gives you the broadest premium coverage of any filtration brand. 

Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

Contaminants and water are enemies of modern diesel engines, robbing on-board and on-shore equipment of performance and longevity.  Removing contamination prior to pumping fluids in to equipment helps on-board filters do their job better, while protecting pumps and injectors.  Donaldson Clean Solutions bulk filters help:    Prevent unscheduled downtime     Save on costly componenet replacement     Improve fuel economy     Protect your investment with confidence     

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