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Crossfield Products Corp. manufactures a wide variety of deck coverings, underlayments, and specialty coating systems for marine applications. Designed for both wet and dry spaces in accordance with IMO and U.S Military specifications on military ships, commercial vessels, off-shore platforms, working boats, cruise ships, and ferries. Dex-O-Tex Marine Products are recognized as high-quality materials, with performance-proven worldwide. Dex-O-Tex materials are readily available in the United States and at marine repair locations around the world through a network of independent marine contractors.

Products & Services


Vibra-Coustic SVD SLU (Self-Leveling) / TTU (Trowel)

Multi-layered composite decking underlayment systems specifically designed to attenuate airborne noise transfer between compartments, reduce impact induced sound and provide vibration dampening of structural components. International regulations and standards mandate the requirement to mitigate noise and vibration in occupied accommodation spaces. The system integrates a primer, viscoelastic membrane and a high density self-leveling deck underlayment which significantly reduce the airborne noise transfer and dampens the structural vibration by defusing the kinetic energy wave transfer that propagates the sound and attenuates the vibration to reduce noice transference.Specification Reference: U.S. Dept. of Defense MARAD Spec No. 59MA 6a Type I, Class 2 / U.S. Coast Guard Approval (IMO) 164.106/50/0

DEX-O-TEX Insul Dex

Dex-O-Tex Insul-Dex is a trowel-applied calciumaluminate cement deck underlayment system.Insul-Dex is light weight and provides fireresistance and insulating resistance to thermaltransfer. It meets the requirements for the U.S Coast Guards InternationalMaritime Organization A-60 fire protection standards. Insul-Dex underlayment can be applied atthicknesses ranging from 3/8 inch to 2inches . Dex-O-Tex Insul-Dex is used on a wide variety ofvessels including U.S. Naval ships, passengerliners, tankers, freighters, ferry boats and casinoships. It is also used to insulate living quarters onoffshore drilling rigs where it can be used for bothdeck leveling and as a fire rated deck.ADVANTAGES• Lightweight• A-60 Deck / IMO Tested• Installed aboard SOLAS vessels• Deck finishes, vinyl composition tile, etc.can be applied within 48 hours

Colorflake IMO

Dex-O-Tex Colorflake IMO is an epoxy resincomposition deck covering which is applied to athickness of 1/16 inch (1.59mm). Colorflake Mprovides a decorative, lightweight easily cleanedsurface for crew quarters, mess decks,passageways, toilet spaces and galleys.Dex-O-Tex Colorflake IMO is fluid-applied toform a jointless surface offering substantialprotection against corrosion of metal decking.Colorflake IMO is available in a wide range ofattractive background colors into which areincorporated in decorative pigment chips sealedin a clear epoxy matrix. Dex-O-Tex ColorflakeIMO can be rapidly applied and can be easilyinstalled by experienced deck covering craftsmenon underlayment or steel. A Dex-O-TexColorflake IMO application is quick, clean andneat.

Light Weight Underlayment ( IMO Approved )

Dex-O-Tex VLW IMO Lightweight EpoxyUnderlayment is a IMO certified primary deckcovering. It is a 100% solids epoxy resin basemixed with a very lightweight aggregate to forma trowel applied decking underlayment forgeneral use under all deck covering materials.Due to the rapid cure of VLW IMO LightweightEpoxy Underlayment, it can be installed withminimum downtime. It can be applied directly toclean metal or steel. and steel coated with preconstructionprimer (PCP) or epoxy primer,without the need for a separate bond coat,mechanical anchors or other devices welded tothe surface. It offers every advantage forlightweight filler sloping/leveling compound forquick turnover maintenance and/or repairinstallations.

Dex-o-Tex Elastaguard

Dex-O-Tex Elastaguard is a urethane modifiedpolymeric epoxy membrane that preventscorrosion that is applied to a thickness ofapproximately 5/64" (80 mils). Elastaguardprovides a durable membrane protection layer toproperly prepared and primed metallic substrateto provide exception corrosion protectionproperties. In addition Elastaguard is resilient,sound dampening, lightweight and compatiblewith most deck covering materials andcommercial flooring finishes.Dex-O-Tex Elastaguard is fluid applied to form ajointless surface providing an impermeableelastomeric membrane. This membrane layerprotects against corrosion and isolatessubsequent applications of underlayments, deckcovering or floor finishes from movement. DexO-TexElastaguard is rapid to apply and can beeasily installed by experienced deck coveringcraftsmen.Dex-O-Tex Elastaguard is manufactured to meetthe requirements of ANSI 118.10. 

TerrazzoM Quick Step

Dex-O-Tex Terrazzo M Quik-Step is a one-stepseamless deck covering comprised of decorativemarble aggregates embedded in a clear, catalystreactedepoxy resin binder. It is customarilyapplied to a thickness of 1/8 inch  to1/4 inch  in a single trowel steprequiring no sealer or topcoat. A cove base canbe incorporated to form a continuous joint-freesurface. Dex-O-Tex Terrazzo M Quik-Step isdesigned for rapid application and can be easilyinstalled by experienced deck coveringcraftsmen.Typical installation areas for Dex-O-TexTerrazzo M Quik-Step include showers, toiletspaces, galleys, laundries, and other wet spaces.Dex-O-Tex Terrazzo M Quik-Step ismanufactured to meet the requirements of theU.S. Department of Defense Specification MILPRF-24613,Type III. It iscompletely compliant with all environmentalrequirements, contains no hydrocarbon solventsand meets all known state volatile organicsubstance limitations. 

A-70 Very Light Weight Latex Concrete

Dex-O-Tex A-70 VLW (Very Light Weight)Latex Concrete is a synthetic resin emulsionmastic decking that is trowel-applied to form aseamless surface for heavy duty areas and rollingloads. It is primarily designed for use betweenchannels of floors in cargo ammunition holds asa filler for leveling the deck surface for walkingand fork truck operations. It is 20% lighter thanstandard A-70 Latex Concrete. It is noncorrosiveto steel and aluminum, non-sparkingand fire retardant. A-70 VLW Latex Concretecan also be used as an underlayment wheneverthicker applications require a lightweightmaterial.

Dex-o-Tex TM Clear Sealer

Dex-O-Tex TM Clearsealer is a twocomponentepoxy sealer designed for applicationto most polymeric surfaces to provide a durableand impervious finish. It is available in a highgloss and is available with slip-resistantaggregate component. Dex-O-Tex Terrazzo MClearsealer is not affected by moisture once ithas reached a full cure and is resistant to a widerange of acids, alkalis and most commonchemicals.A special feature of Dex-O-Tex Terrazzo MClearsealer is its extremely low odor level andfreedom from toxic effect on applicators orpersonnel in the area.

Posi-Tred M

Posi-Tred M is a skid resistant epoxy coating for useover Dex-O-Tex composite decking systems, as wellas over concrete substrates, stairs, ramps, etc. PosiTredM is a two part epoxy resin that incorporates skidresistant aggregates resulting in a surface that is veryskid resistant, even when wet.Posi-Tred M is available in a wide range of colors andskid resistant profiles ranging from very coarse to veryfine. Selection of best profile to be used depends uponthe degree of skid resistance desired, cleaningcharacteristics desired and the finished appearance.A special feature of Posi-Tred M is its extremely lowodor level and freedom from toxic effect onapplicators or personnel in the area during placementand cure.Posi-Tred M can be used for interior service. Forexterior service, consult with Crossfield prior to use. Itis available in a range of standard colors and customcolors. 

Quick-Set Underlayment

Dex-O-Tex Quik-Set is a lightweightunderlayment screed used in thin gaugeapplications for leveling and fairing welds. It isa synthetic resin mastic which, when trowelappliedto properly cleaned deck surfaces, willadhere without the use of mechanical fasteners.It has good troweling characteristics and isnormally applied from feather-edge to 1/8 inch(3.175mm) thickness. Quik-Set is approved as aIMO primary deck covering material having lowflame spread characteristics and does notproduce excessive quantities of smoke and toxicproducts from combustion. It is moistureresistant, has high indentation resistance and isfast setting. 


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