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DEIF’s vision is to be the preferred global supplier of green, safe and reliable energy control solutions. DEIF supplies the globe with a wide array of solutions from simple analog instruments to advanced power management systems for the marine/offshore markets. Since 1933, DEIF’s customers have gained competitive edges using our proven products based on superior quality and flexible functions. DEIF has more than 600 employees at its Denmark headquarters, its subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Americas plus distributors in 35 countries. Committed to customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships, DEIF provides local expertise and training and offer 24 hour service. 80 years of uninterrupted land and sea development experience is applied to your needs. Our capacity for first class land or sea solutions has no geographical limits.

Products & Services


Protection and Power Management, PPM 300

DEIF is proud to announce its latest paradigm shift in Protection and Power Management Systems; PPM 300.  The PPM 300 follows its predecessor systems by being a highly versatile controller designed for the stringent demands of marine use.   It is capable of meeting the requirements for a wide range of control, protection and supervision applications.  Applications range from simple genset control and protection, to fully integrated and engineered power management solutions, developed for fuel-efficient operation.   Each controller contains all the functions that are needed to protect and control diesel generators (including an emergency diesel generator), shaft generator, shore connection, or bus tie breakers.   Together, the PPM 300 controllers create one integrated system solution.   The power management system controls the entire vessel’s electrical power production ensuring that the power required is always available and reliable. The power management system also ensures optimum performance in terms of stable operation and fuel economy.   The PPM 300 controllers work together as a multi-master system with redundant communication. This means that no single controller functions as the master controller.  If the generator set controlled by the master system is being repaired or the master control has issues, the master controller function moves to the next prioritized system, keeping the system safe and reliable.   The controller includes the most current processor technology and high-speed internal communication. It provides fast protection functions and includes built-in redundancy, for greater reliability. The modular design enables the controller to automatically recognize an additional or substitute processor, communication, measurement and input-output modules.   The controller’s display unit includes a color graphic screen and intuitive sequences for fast readout of live data, and easy access to alarms and parameters.  All engine, generator and power system critical data is easy to read. The user interface adapts according to the user, for easy and safe controller operation. The light indicators of the display unit are visible over a long distance. The display processor can handle all languages with UTF-8 fonts.

Advanced Graphical Interface, AGI 400

Featuring functionalities which eliminate the need for analog or digital metering, lights or LEDs with the benefit of saving space and wiring, DEIF’s Advanced Graphical Interface series, AGI 400, connects to all DEIF multi-line controllers, as well as, other brand controllers via standard communication protocols.   Designed specifically for marine & offshore environments as the most intuitive and user-friendly HMI for visualization and active control for multiple applications, the AGI series is available in 7”, 10", 15” and 21" sizes. Featuring a high quality screen that is legible even in direct sunlight and at sharp angles, the HMI is the safe and ideal choice for bridge installations.

Flexible Display Indicator, XDi

DEIF’s new patented display series, XDi, is an evolution in the illuminated indicator instrumentation market.  Customizable, easy-to-install, versatile and user-friendly, the innovative virtual display series replaces multiple mechanical scales and pointers to shift indicator performance to a new level.   DEIF employed its rigorous quality standards when integrating all these features into a single, marine approved package.  Depending on functionality, all units are MED-certified.  Approvals from other classification societies are dependent upon application.   DEIF has developed the XDi series in close conjunction with GL and DNV.   The XDi enables graphic solutions for unparalleled combinations of related vessel data and improved presentation of standard, single, stand-alone marine displays; e.g. engine or prop rpm, pitch and rudder angle.  The XDi series comes in three different sizes with single, dual and multi-indicator views.  You can order an XDi with predefined fixed scales – identical to DEIF’s XL range. The XDi is a programmable virtual solution, free of practical mechanical limitations and logistic concerns, delivered with a library of more than 100 preinstalled indicator layouts and functionalities.  You are given the freedom to customize the XDi to show one or multiple indicators in one unit.   Already a market-leader with record delivery times, the XDi series also enables us to ship your orders even faster.  Saving you panel space and installation time, giving you more choices, greater flexibility and the ability to configure and make on-site repairs, XDi is the ultimate all-in-one solution.

Protection & Power Management, PPM-3

DEIF’s Protection and Power Management (PPM-3) is an industry leading standard Power Management System suitable for a broad range of marine applications. DIEF’s industry leading and technically advanced systems like the PPM-3 permit end users to save time and money beginning at the development phase and 30% fuel savings during vessel operation.  The standard algorithms and functions for generator set cool-down, automatic engine sequencing and load management further enhance a vessel’s efficiency. Another time and money saving feature is the PPM-3 emulation package.  Emulation permits your engineers to test their configured system in real time, at their desk, to ensure correct operation prior to arrival at site or connection to a generator set.  Commissioning times are drastically reduced, costly fuel saved and unnecessary gen set wear and tear prevented. The microprocessor-based control unit contains all necessary functions for protection, control and display of up to (16) diesel generators, (2) shaft generators, (2) shore connections, (8) bus tie breakers and (2) emergency/harbor generators.  Wrapped busbar control is also possible. Central collection of engine, generator and system critical data is a priority in the marine industry.  The PPM-3 contains all necessary three-phase measuring circuits, engine and generator communication protocols to collect this critical data.  All available engine plus power generation related values and alarms are displayed at any location on board the vessel to multiple LCDs, touch screen panels or on board SCADA systems via standard, application proven communication links. An independent engine interface card with a separate microprocessor and power supply is installed as standard equipment. This engine interface card provides extra safety for your engine as a backup shutdown unit, and ensures approval by the major marine approval societies. Configuration of all PPM-3 features and functions is completed using a free, user friendly, Windows based utility software tool, USW-3.  The standard integrated ladder logic programming function within USW-3, M-Logic, enables you to easily configure and monitor even complex systems.  Operator friendly one touch sequences permit easy handling of automatic transfers.

Illuminated Indicators, XL, BW & BRW-2

Panel Indicators, the XL Range DEIF’s XL range is a ground-breaking series of panel-mounted, illuminated indicators designed to monitor and display key vessel parameters on bridge such as rpm, pitch and rudder angle. These indicators are based on DEIF’s patented, microprocessor-controlled, X-Coil technology.  The feature list is unprecedented but simple designs can be created that are easily adaptable for customization. The standard scale illumination is white to support neutral illumination for the colors you use for scale and scale base.   Bridge Wing Indicators, BW and BRW-2 DEIF’s bridge wing indicators offer IP66 protection and are available for mounting, hanging or standing. Based on modular housing that also includes a dimming potentiometer, the BRW-2 type has been designed with easy installation in mind. Both DEIF BW and BRW-2 comply with use according to the Panama Canal Authority’s Regulation on Navigation in Panama Canal Waters.   XL Scale Designs DEIF stocks a wide range of recommended standard scale designs that meet international standards for optimal visibility and precision.  All are marine approved following close coordination the various approval societies. The group of recommended scales include rpm, pitch, rudder, rate-of-turn, and azimuth. DEIF is also an experienced manufacturer and handler of customized scale designs, adding logos/text or creating a new visual layout to meet your specific branding requirements.  

Wind Sensors: WSS, WSS-L, WSS 700 and WSS 750

Two years of field testing in the North Sea and Polar regions have proven DEIF’s WSS 700 series of ruggedized wind sensors’ ability to be reliable and provide superior wind measuring performance in all weather conditions.   Rugged construction and high measuring accuracy make the WSS 700 the right choice where precise and reliable wind data is essential to safe operation. The WSS 700 series is recommended for dynamic positioning systems and other critical applications.   An option for sensor head automatic heating is available for harsh, extreme cold weather conditions.   The WSS 700 series is compatible with DEIF’s WSS for easy upgrade of existing systems to a high performance sensor type. DEIF has a simple and direct upgrade kit readily available for retrofitting the obsolete 879.3C system with a WSS or WSS700 system. 

Insulation Monitor, SIM-Q

The SIM-Q  is used for supervision of the insulation resistance between  a voltage distribution network and a ship’s hull.   The monitor is applicable with single-phase and three-phase networks with or without neutral for voltages up to 690V AC.   The SIM-Q LF (Low Frequency) model has been designed specifically for installations with frequency converters generating AC voltage down to 5 Hz.   The advanced measuring sequence performs an automatic offset adjustment in order to eliminate the possible effects of uneven stray capacitance and DC voltages imposed on the network by faulty frequency converters. The leakage capacitance is up to 500 µF.   The SIM-Q range is equipped with a relay output for indication when the insulation resistance has been reduced below a safe threshold.  The relay output is configurable as Normally Energized (NE) or Normally De-Energized (ND) whose trip point is adjustable.  

Check Synchronizing Relay, CSQ-3

The CSQ-3 integrates the functions of synchroscope and check synchronization (ANSI 25) into a microprocessor controlled, easy to install package. This innovative product is  a superior solution providing the following advantages:   Safety: the CSQ-3 unit is configured using push-buttons behind the removable front cover. Users are protected from the nearby hazardous voltages during programming; another innovative DEIF feature.   Accuracy: push buttons are used for to set exact configurations with and LED scale providing precise feedback on settings and frequency/voltage/phase differences between busses during the synchronization process.   Flexibility: the standard CSQ-3 can be calibrated on-site for virtually all possible settings eliminating the need to carry a large inventory for different applications. Durability: The CSQ-3’s flexible front cover prevents the two major issues experienced with glass; glare and broken.

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