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Since our establishment in 1907, Daihatsu’s technology has pioneered the ages and maintained the company in the top bracket of our industry. As a leading diesel engine manufacturer, our products are used both in Japan and overseas, and the high reliability they offer has earned us the reputation of a leading company. This is the result of our corporate attitude, which draws on the skill and wisdom that tradition and history have forged, and which undertakes research and development with an eye on the future, in recognition of our responsibility as a product manufacturer.

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Dual Fuel Engine DE28DF & DE35DF

Daihatsu Diesel develops dual-fuel engines that use liquid fuel or gas fuel.By utilizing diesel engine design concepts and combustion technology, we have successfully reduced NOx emissions by 80% when gas fuel is used.1. Complies with IMO NOx Tier III emissions regulations(when operating on gas fuel)2. Can use liquid fuel or gas fuel, in consideration of fuel prices and procurement ease3. Offers high fuel efficiency thanks to lean combustion technology and optimized valve timing.

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