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Dacon has since 1979 developed and produced maritime rescue and
recovery equipment for professional use. We provide solutions to
vessels of all types and sizes.

Working together with our customers, Dacon finds solutions that
minimizes risk to the crew whilst maximising the chance of a
successful rescue. Our long experience in working with the offshore
industry in the North Sea and North Atlantic helps us find solutions
that will work also in severe weather.

All products are manufactured in Norway and Dacon are continuously
working with R&D to find the most suitable rescue solutions.
Contact us with you challenges and together we’ll find the best
solution for your vessel.

Products & Services


Dacon Rescue Frame

- A manual recovery system for gentle and effective rescue of casualties- Quick, safe and effective retrieval saves time for the rescue personnel- Folds for stowage on deck or railing. Always ready for immediate deployment- Requires a minimum of space on board. Will not obstruct passage even on small rescue craft- Doubles as an effective scrambling net for persons able to climb on board- Established 30 years with a proven track record

Dacon Rescue Basket

- Perfect For Mass Rescue Situations- Probably The Most Durable And Stable Rescue Basket In The Market- Long Track Record- Floats Low In The Water For Easy Entry

Dacon Rescue Dummy

- Thousands Of Units Sold All Over The World- Human Proportions (1,85 m Tall, 85 Kg Max Weight)- Adjustable Vertical / Horizontal Floating- Extremely Robust Design & Replaceable Coverall- Deployment Device For Multiple Dummies Available

Dacon Rescue Scoop

- The Dacon Rescue Scoop is a maneuverable rescue "net" for recovery of casualties from the water directly on board rescue vessels- Rescue reach 4-6 m- Stows small along railing or bulwark, or integrated in the cargo rail. Does not occupy deck space- More than 600 vessels are now equipped with the Dacon Rescue Scoop- Service Free

Dacon Scrambling Net

- Easy To Climb - Rigid Type- Extremely Robust Design With Very Low Total Life-cycle Cost- Optional Fold-Over Installation Frames- Can Be Supplied As All-Black Navy Version- 5 Yr Warranty & No Mandatory Service

Rescue Star FL 2600

- Floating rescue disc carries the rescue equipment independently of the (crane) cable, with a floating function (like a buoy).- Automatic adaptation to wave height by the orange floating rescue disc.- Casualties are lifted from the water with minimal impact on their circulatory system.- V-shaped folding system requires little storage space.- Easy to transport on board. Can be stored indoors if doors are minimum 70 cm wide.

Restech PLT 75

Towing Operations made safer with the PLT- The PLT 75 launches an orange rubber ball that pulls a 5mm bright yellow floating line over on deck. The tug can now transfer the pilot line up to 90 meters. - The PLT can also comply SOLAS LTA requirements and has NO EXPIRY DATE.

Rescue Poles

- 5, 9, 13 or 17M Telescopic Rescue Poles with a large variety of attachments

Safety / Survival

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