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CT Marine is an international Naval Architecture & engineering firm specializing in shallow draft Towboat design. CT Marine was started in 1978 by Corning Townsend III following years of work with Clancy Horton & over a decade of of hydrodynamic research at the model basins of the University of Michigan & Marin in the Netherlands. Christian Townsend joined CT Marine thirty years ago contributing to nearly eighty years of experience refining modern towboat design. CT Marine has numerous patents or patent pending designs including our Flap Rudder, Twin-Diff Steering systems & CT28 Kort nozzles. These patents have elevated our designs to the most efficient, safest & well respected in the world.

We have designed every towboat over 7,200 HP in the USA since 1988 & have proven designs from 800 – 10,000 HP in conventional, Z drive & super shallow draft platforms. CT Marine focuses on new design, 2D detail & 3D production design, major modifications, re-powers, Kort nozzle, propeller & rudder design. With a library of over 2,000 projects, we solve existing problems such as vibration, cavitation & structural failures.

Beginning in 2014, CT Marine has grown from a father/son company to an engineering firm of over 40. We are developing proprietary design software and systems with our sights set to be the premier production design firm in the World. Headquartered in Portland, Maine with offices Worldwide, we operate 24 hours a day to provide superior service to our clients.

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Twin Diff Steering Rudder

With eighty years of propulsion design, CT Marine is now launching our Twin-Diff Steering rudder system.  Less complicated than flap rudders with similar side thrust to that of a Z-Drive.  The ideal retrofit solution for better steering - come visit our booth and take it for a test drive...   

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