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Crowley Marine Solutions, Inc. is a subsidiary company of Crowley Maritime Corporation that was organized for the purpose of developing creative engineering and design solutions to support the planning, construction and execution of marine and offshore projects. Crowley Marine Solutions’ competencies include project naval architecture, marine engineering, vessel conversions, offshore engineering, project management as well as shipyard construction management.

Our diverse range of project experience involves an equally wide range of clients, from major oil companies to small commercial operators located throughout the world, where creative approach and management disciplines are utilized for project success.

Specialized Services include:
Vessel Design and Engineering, Repair and Modifications, Construction Management and Offshore Engineering.

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Crowley’s Offshore Engineering team offers innovative marine engineering and operational solutions throughout the life cycle of all our projects. Our solutions include feasibility studies, development of execution plans with supporting engineering, subcontractor management and project execution. Our people ensure successful project execution through high-quality engineering in every project we perform. Areas of expertise include offshore oil and gas, offshore renewables, marine transportation and salvage engineering support.


With a full range of ship design and construction services, Crowley Marine Solutions gives customers the option of leveraging our total expertise throughout the entire life cycle of design and construction. Whether you choose to bring us in early in the concept and vessel design phases or need to consult with us about one specific phase, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality advice that maximizes value. We offer complete construction program administration, as well as pre and post construction phase services.


Production engineering takes functional design to the next level by incorporating design information into a full-size 3D model.  Our team combines all the details of the structural,electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems of the vessel into one comprehensive model of your project.  The result is a virtual vessel that can be inspected early in the design process for safety,maintainability and constructability.  Additionally, by previewing the vessel in 3D, project stakeholders have the unique opportunity to confirm the vessel’s layout, maintenance envelopes and operational access.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) offers the best assurance after physical model testing and full scale trials that a ship will make speed.Once a simulation is set up, CFD can readily be applied to a large number of potential designs and modifications, easily outperforming tow tank studies in possible scope and cost.


We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Boundary Element Method (BEM) radiation diffraction methods to tackle a range of offshore engineering problems.By validating hand calculations, advanced numerical analysis saves money by ensuring safe and cost effective design approaches to meeting requirements and mitigating risk.


Customers who need to move the huge, the extraordinary, or the complex look to Crowley for marine and engineering solutions.  We have the expertise and equipment to provide safe and reliable marine transportation and logistic services for project cargo movements, offshore construction and offshore module components. With high deck strength barges for uniform loads up to 4,200 pounds per square foot and access to all Crowley services, we can provide a marine transportation solution or a turnkey operation for your unique and challenging needs.


Crowley Marine Solutions provides naval architecture and marine engineering design for all types of vessels. Naval architecture is a demanding engineering discipline that encompasses the design, construction and repair of marine vessels. We offer services at every level of the various design phases, each led by a team of top-flight marine engineers.Feasibility StudiesConcept DesignShipyard Bid PackageRegulatory Approval PackageDetail Design Package


We have decades of experience working with existing vessels and developing modifications and upgrades.  Our team of experts can modify vessel capacity and improve the function of vessels for better operation. Services include:Hull ModificationsStructural ModificationsSponsoningLengtheningRepowerBulbous Bow and Bow ThrusterMechanical and Electrical UpgradesNoise and Vibration ReductionRoll ReductionTier IV UpgradesStability AnalysisTonnage ModificationsMeet Class/USCG RequirementsUpgrade Accommodations for Crew Retention

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