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CPI Marine manufactures commercial/heavy duty sponsons, collars and fendering systems for RIBS and hard sided boats. We make both air and air-backed foam collars. The collars can be custom fitted for new boats or may be retrofitted to existing craft.

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Air Backed Foam Collar

Air Backed Foam CollarCPI's hybrid collar system features the best of both worlds utilizing the air bladder for as a nice cushion upon impact while the foam serves as a sturdy bumper.

Air Collar Removable Bladder System

Air Collar Removable Bladder SystemCPI's unique air retention bladder system is a vast improvement over the traditional baffle system allowing for complete removing, repairing and replacing of any chamber while the sponson remains on the boat.

Air Valve Assembly

Air Valve AssemblyThis assembly houses both the air fill and pressure relief valves on one piece. CPI Manufactures the assembly in house and hold a US patient on this product.

Air-backed Foam Collar/Hybrid System

Air-backed Foam Collar/Hybrid SystemWhen the application requires a collar functioning more as a strong bumper, the foam collar, is usually requested. Air bladders are placed behind Polyethylene foam shaped to the boat hull and the collar is finished off with an outer cover constructed of Navy specked 40 oz 100% polyurethane coated fabric. When inflated the air bladders push against the foam. This gives the collar rigidity, which means you get the best of both worlds. You have a strong bumper that will also give if the craft strikes another boat.

D Shaped Air Collar

D Shaped Air CollarThis was a prototype boat being shown off at the Miami boat show which is one of the largest boat shows in the United States.

Gladding-Hearne Foam Collar

Gladding-Hearne Foam CollarCPI Marine has built several collars for this up and coming RIB builder who specializes in boats over 30 feet in length. We will be building 12 collars for their contract with the government to build 60 foot boats.

Silver Ships Air-backed Foam Collar

Silver Ships Air-backed Foam CollarCPI has manufactured a large volume of sponsons for this Alabama based boat builder including a variety of target boats.

TP Marine Collar

TP Marine CollarThis is a prototype boat made for TP marine for a contract of 13 boats for the Saudi Arabia government. It is pictured in CPI Marine's newest production buildings.

Willard Solas Tube

Willard Solas TubeCPI has manufactured collar systems for some of the most recognizable and respected boat builders in the world.

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