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Cox Powertrain is a UK company developing high power density, innovative diesel outboard engines, offering significant improvements in Work Vessel economics.

The CXO300 is a 300HP diesel outboard, that delivers unrivalled power-density by using game-changing technology.

Commercial operators looking for fuel efficient and rugged solutions to meet the challenge of year round coastal and offshore operations, from fishing and diving charter to wind farm support and environmental monitoring, will have a new opportunity to improve competitiveness and business performance. Cox engines offer the best of both outboard and inboard; including diesel engine fuel economy and fuel availability, simplicity in engine installation, access and swap out, plus improved safety in fuel handling when compared to gasoline outboard engines.

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The CXO300 is a 300HP/300KG diesel outboard, that delivers unrivalled power-density, using game-changing opposed piston technology. Designed for professional use, equivalent to a medium duty commercially rated engine, the CXO300 delivers gasoline performance with diesel economy and reliability.

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