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For patrol, rescue, military, research, and workboat applications from 17’ to 45’, BCGP builds a complete fleet of unsinkable commercial-grade Boston Whaler fiberglass models, a comprehensive offering of Impact rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs), and a line of Sentry aluminum boats, all designed to help you get the job done and get back home.

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Boston Whaler Guardian Boats 15'-27'

THE GUARDIAN center console series features the classic Whaler hullaffording heavy load carrying capabilities and shallow drafts.Typical uses range from firefighting to riverine patrols.

Boston Whaler Justice Boats 20'-37'

THE JUSTICE center console series features deeper-V hull designs for smooth rides in rough water. Smaller models are at home in lakes and bays while larger models tackle blue water with ease and ample range.

Boston Whaler 27' Vigilant

THE VIGILANT is the ultimate pilothouse walk-around model featuring360 degree deck access and ample weather protection for crew andelectronics. Originally developed for anti-terrorist interdictionand surveillance, the Vigilant is well-suited for anythingfrom rescue to military applications.

Boston Whaler Challenger Boats 27' and 35'

CHALLENGERS are flush-deck cabin boat designs for extended patrols, mobile command centers or extensive equipment applications.


Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) are extremely forgiving and easy on subject vessels and dive gear. Their air or foam-filled collars function as shock absorbers to mitigate damage when tied alongside in boarding situations. The collars also afford lateral stability and quicker recovery in stacked waves. When affixed to a fiberglass hull, you get the best of both worlds — the strength, durability and no risk of deflation of a fiberglass hull with the impact absorption of a collar. Additionally, the lighter weight of the RHIBs allows excellent performance.

Sentry Aluminum Boats

Sentry Aluminum boats are popular for use in rugged environs where submerged rocks and logs could wreak havoc on lesser hulls. They also tolerate exposure to fire and contaminated water better than some alternatives. But it is their comparative lightweight and superior strength that makes them particularly well suited for commercial applications — translating to speed and lower fuel consumption.

NEW 850 D-Collar IMPACT

Brunswick Commercial & Government Products (BCGP) recently added a new model to its IMPACT RHIB product line-up. The 8.5-meter, IMPACT 850 D is a hard sided RHIB featuring a hybrid air/foam-filled collar with a solid fiberglass gunnel. The 850 D melds the characteristics of an air-holding and foam-filled insert collar to create a boat that features a solid fiberglass gunnel with the benefits of a collar.

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