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Bexco is a leading European manufacturer of precision-engineered synthetic mooring, towing and lifting ropes for offshore, marine and industrial applications with factories in Hamme and Antwerp, Belgium. At the Workboat show, Bexco highlights its Superior 12 Dyneema® and HMPE ropes for the inland and offshore marine vessels.

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Superior Line with Dyneema® SK78

Combining small diameters with high breaking strengths, the lightest rope with the highest breaking strength: 8 or 12-strand braided ropes made of Dyneema® SK78, superior abrasion resistance, easy handling and operation, comparable to steel wire characteristics

BEX-8 and BEX-12 with HMPE

8 or 12-Strand braided ropes made of HMPE, good abrasion resistance, high strength and low weight to diameter ratio, easy handling and operation, comparable to steel wire characteristics

Ultraline with Dyneema® SK78

Circular braided design ropes (3, 8 or 12 strand), parallel braided Dyneema® SK78 cores with a protective cover braid of composite yarn, excellent abrasion resistance, longer life time and compact rope, minimal elongation, firm construction and torque balanced

Bexcoflex tails

First choice mooring tail. Provides required elongation in mooring configurations with HMPE and steel wire.

Polyamide tails

OCIMF required tail for gas tankers: high abrasion resistance, excellent weight/tenacity ratio, easy to splice, rot-proof

Ultraspring Polyamide

High quality jacketed mooring tail 

Ultraspring Polyester

Long life cycle jacketed mooring tail or towing stretcher

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