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Beacon Finland Ltd is the provider of the original JAK®-ATB Coupling System for pusher-barge assemblies. Beacon’s JAK®-ATB Coupling Systems have been operated in the US waters since 2000 and are represented in the US by Mr. Charlie Hall, Hallmar, LLC

Products & Services


The JAK®-ATB Coupling System

The JAK®-ATB Coupling SystemThe JAK® ATB Coupling System is a pneumatically actuated electrically controlled articulated tug-barge connecting system. The coupling action is controlled from a control panel on the vessel's bridge or from the local control panel in the coupler unit compartment. One person can steer the vessel and control the coupling action at the same time. The system is light weight, easy to install and maintain.

Ship Design

Beacon Finland also offers services as ship design and sales of ship equipment and supervision and management of ship repair and conversions. Beacon Finland has also an impressive experience and reference list of strength & vibration analysis made for the maritime industry.

Boat Building Supplies

  • Couplings

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Deck Machinery & Hardware

Naval Architects / Marine Engineers

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