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Barbour Plastics, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic extrusions for the marine industry with facilities located in Massachusetts and Georgia.

We have achieved our leadership position in the marine marketplace because of three things: superior product quality and knowledge, competitive pricing, and an ability to respond immediately to our customers’ demands and requirements.

Our product line contains over 1,200 + profiles. We specialize in providing rubrails, moldings, plastic trim, dock bumpers, spray rails, toe rails, step treads, hatch slides, plastic tubing, and stainless steel inserts to the marine industry. An in-house tool and die shop enables us to complete customized tooling efficiently and competitively and control all aspects of a project, from design through manufacture.

Products & Services


Foam Urethane Dock Bumpers or Fenders

We now have 3 widths availabe. A 4,7, and 10 inch wide foamed urethane dock bumper come in 36 inch lengths. We also have corners for the 4 and 7 inch widths.Some can come with a groove in the back. The grooves are 2, 2.5, and 3 inch widths.We even have one size that goes over a 2x4 piece of lumber!Call us at 508-897-8399 or look at our website

Rigid RubRails with Stainless Steel Trim

Durable rubrails produced in rigid or semi-rigid PVC, can be accented with our polished stainless steel trim to achieve a sophisticated finish to your boat. Our rubrails can be drilled and countersunk to your specification and many can be coiled to avoid seams.For more information abouot Barbour Plastics and their extrusion capabilities, please contact us at 800-955-9649

SlipFit Rubrails

The advantage of the SlipFit Rubrail is the design of the Arrowhead insert is designed to snap into place with ease and stay put at sharp bends making it a favorite for both OEM boat builders and do-it yourself installers as well.Opposing surfaces of both the rubrail base and the insert are coated with a proprietary polymer having a low coefficient of friction.The SlipFit insert also provides a more finished look over other tube style inserts. Once inserted into the base, its body decompresses and is firmly secured  in place. The Super flexible Co-extrusion Uniflex Rubrail has been produced by Barbour Plastics for over 20 years and is installed on thousands of quality built vessels.These products have been utilized by many of the major boat manufacturer's worldwide. With this new look, Barbour Plastics continues to be the leader in the marine industry.

Rigid PVC Toe and Spray Rails

Rigid PVC Toe and Sray rails for all tpyes of boats.Thick, weather tested, and can be machined into custom handrails as well.For more information abouot Barbour Plastics and their extrusion capabilities, please contact us at 800-955-9649

Galley, Interior & Carpet Trims

All types of Galley, Interior & Carpet Trims with self-adhesive VHB backing tape.Barbour Plastics flexible vinyl trims with adhesive backing allow for a professional looking trim without having to use mechanical fasteners. These flexible extruded trims moldings are available with 3M’s VHB high quality two sided adhesive for the most reliable bond. Barbour Plastics quality vinyl trims are field and time tested having been used in many different applications from Industrial to Marine environments for over twenty years.For more information abouot Barbour Plastics and their extrusion capabilities, please contact us at 800-955-9649

Dock Corners or Dock Fenders

We now have 4 Dock corner options:1. Our BPC12 is a urethane foam corner is 12"x12"x4"wide. Designed for use on small boats. This matches up well with our straight 4" wide x 24" and 36" dock bumpers. 2. Our BPC 10 Flexible PVC Corner. This flexible PVC corner is made in a solid one piece construction. Durable, flexible, yet with great resilience, this corner is the newest addition to our line of Corner Bumpers. It is 10"x10"x3 3/4" and is designed to be used with standard P shape dock bumpers or stand alone. 3. Our BPC 400 Foam Urethane Corner. It slips over existing bumpers allowing the P shaped extrusion to act as a bumper and then itself adding a second buffer layer of protection. 4. And Our Largest BPC 70 Foam Urethane corner. This BPC70 urethane foam corner is 7"x7"x7" wide. It is made for medium sized boats. This matches up well with our straight 36" long 7 inch wide Mega dock bumpers

PVC Dock Bumpers or Fenders

Our Flexible PVC Dock Bumper or Fenders come in:Small #F92393 (3"x2")Medium F92400 (3 1/4 " x 2 ")Large F92323 (3 5/8 x 2 3/8")Produced from top quality marine grade flexible vinylQuality grade UV and Fungicide inhibitors added to prolong the life of the bumperStock available from both manufacturing locations in Atlanta, GA and Brockton, MACustom colors and lengths are availableStandard length is 10 ft.Call us at 508-897-8399 or look at our website

Deep Port Fenders D Shaped and Arch Fenders

We are cosnidering bringing in an imported line of 6x6", 8x8", and a 12" tall Arch Fenders.These would be Marine Grade Rubber about 80 Shore A color Black.For now we have sample bbut are trying to generate market interest. These would be targetting Deep Sea  Ports and other heavy duty applications.Come see them at the show or call for more information.For more information abouot Barbour Plastics and their extrusion capabilities, please contact us at 800-955-9649

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