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Ayres Composite Panels is a manufacturer of lightweight composite panel systems for the marine industry.  Ayrlite panels are certified by IMO, DNV, USCG, Transport Canada and ABS for use in passenger vessels, workboats and military vessels

Products & Services


Ayrlite 2054

A lightweight aluminum honeycomb panel with a decorative laminate skin, the Ayrlite 2054 panel holds, IMO, DNV, USCG, Transport Canada and ABS certificates. Ayres offers a full line of anodized trim extrusions for 10mm, 20mm and 30mm panel thicknesses.

Ayrlite 2071

The Ayrlite 2071 is a revolutionary fiber-free, lightweight sound absorbing aluminum honeycomb panel.  It is faced on one side with a flat micro-perforated aluminum sheet (Ayrlite 2071 | FLAT) or with a corrugated micro-perforated aluminum sheet (Ayrlite 2071 | CORR).

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  • Oil Platform Construction

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