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KEP Marine is the industry leader in LED Displays. Our new Marine product line up includes IMO/ECDIS approved Displays, Bridge Management and Control Solutions, Marine Computers, Media Servers, Commercial Camera and Vessel Monitoring solutions.

Products & Services


BridgeView Monitor Management Panel

BridgeView Monitor Management Panel     The BridgeView (KEPM-BV) panel makes you the master of the bridge. It is easy to set up for your unique tastes and easy to use. The touchscreen allows you issue commands to all attached KEP Marine Monitors with the touch of a button. Individual monitors can be adjusted and controlled as desired. Support for Extron switchers makes for a wide variety of viewing possibilities. With a touch or two, the information you need to see is readily available. The BridgeView has a reliable embedded Linux operating system. It controls multiple displays via Ethernet connections. In most cases the interface program can be tailored to meet your viewing requirements and communicate with optional equipment. Features    Monitor management interface    Manage all of your monitors with     one touchscreen display    4,5",5.6”, or 10" Color TFT display    Extron Compatible    Fast Touch Action    Simple Setup    Powered by WindowsTM CE Visit:http://www.kepmarine.com/monitor-control-options/monitor-control-options.html

Orlaco Cameras

Orlaco Cameras Aydin Marine is proud to be a US distributor for Orlaco Commercial Marine Cameras and Camera monitoring systems.Orlaco manufactures a full line of marine surveillance systems that include compact, self-cleaning, forklift, zoom, crane, pinhole and thermal imaging cameras. Orlaco’s high quality monitoring systems are ultra durable for the harsh marine environment and will provide extra visual coverage for the enhanced situational awareness of a vessel, crew and surroundings that can effectively help prevent accidents, as well as provide easier and more comfortable maneuvering or operating of onboard equipment .  


IVMS Aydin Marine's Intelligent Vessel Management Systems give you complete monitoring and control of any number of sensors, electrical and electronic devices on board. The Aydin Marine IVMS system is used to manage critical assets and information in the most organized and functional way possible. Unrestricted by proprietary wires, sensors and protocol, IVMS is easy to install and completely customizable. With three series to choose from, The Aydin Marine IVMS offers a solution for any application and budget. The systems can be used for a single dedicated function as well as manage any number of electronics and electrical systems, with the ability to gather and store large amounts of data from any number of critical assets on a boat or fleet.

KC Series Commercial Marine Displays

Aydin Marine’s KC Monitors, are a series of rugged TFT LCD Displays monitors. The KC series displays are designed for the commercial marine industry and are the ideal solution for pilot house applications. These rugged displays utilize advanced LCD contrast and brightness to deliver crisp text and fast response with optimized viewing angles. They haves plenty of inputs to meet all your bridge integration needs and are available with or without Touchscreen. Experience the difference with Aydin Marines KC Series.

KC-GB Glass Bridge Displays

 The KC-GB monitors are a series of Glass Bridge TFT LCD Display monitors, specifically conceived to match design and functionality in the commercial vessel market. Our glass bridge monitors are built following the same rugged design as our KC monitors and are designed to comply with stringent Approval standards. The KC-GB glass bridge displays allow maximum screen size in the smallest spaces available. Our displays can be flush mounted and aligned side by side to save space and form a continuous glass bridge central monitoring system.         Display adjustments and settings are controlled using a remote unit which can be mounted near the display or hidden in the cabin space.


New KCGBL-19Aydin Marine introduces the new affordable KCGBL-19  commercial bonded  19" display ideally suited for all pilot house applications. HDMI, DVI, VGA and composite inputs allow for easy integration to any electronics computers or blackbox systems. The KCGBL-19 is  Panel mount or Vesa Mount ready. Customers not only love the quality and performance but also the price.

AYDIN Marine Navigation Computers

Aydin Marine is proud to announce our new line up of AM-PCseries onboard marine computers. Designed for any and all applications on commercial vessels, Built to exceed the needs of the most demanding captains,AM-PC provides incredible processing power and vastamounts of hard drive storage space for navigation, vessel monitoring, communications, weather, safety and security systems software,  Because conditions at sea can be harsh, the systemoffers solid state drives integrated backup and failure redundancy. Allthis is packed into a surprisingly compact and power efficient form factor. It’s easy to see that AM-PC  series sets a new high water mark for on-board computing.

NSI Trackballs and Keyboards

NSI Trackballs and Keyboards KEP is proud to be the Americas distributor for NSI products. NSI manufactures the highest quality Marine grade and Military Grade Trackball and Keyboards available anywhere. Designed to provide unprecedented control and accuracy, NSI marine keyboards and trackballs are purpose-built to meet the tough demands of the salt water environment. The line offers ergonomic IEC 60945 type-approved devices that can be seamless integrated into existing systems without recertification. NSI keyboards feature dimmable backlighting and user-friendly layout selections with separate numerical, control and function keypads. Highly robust with a durable, industrial construction, NSI trackballs are equipped with glass panel and touch keys, and is backlit with pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming and RGB color control. The line also includes the world’s first trackballs with an integrated IP68 scroll wheel ensuring users can operate navigation software and scrolling-through applications safely in both indoor and outdoor installations. Certificate of Conformity fully compliant with IEC 60945 Waterproof IP68 sealed Latest laser technology, 50 mm ball Removable ball for easy cleaning Stainless steel carrier 9 standard versions Versions in blank or black painted stainless steel IP68 short travel switches or IP65 pushbutton switches Front panel mounting (holes or studs) or enclosed version Directly plug & play compatible to PS/2 or USB ports Visit us or contact us for more information.  

ECDIS AEGB calibrated Displays and AEGBC Panel PC’s

Aydin Marine is proud to  Introduce the ECDIS AEGB calibrated Displays and AEGBC Panel PC’s in 19” 24” and 26” options.  Including features such as projective capacitive multi-touch, assigned button (night, day , and dusk mode), NMEA 0183 interface, and front side capacitor touch keys, the AEGB series is simply built to perform   

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