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Electronic/pneumatic marine propulsion control systems used for bridge, engine room, remote station control, interlocking and station transfer, tank ballasts, throttle for primary propulsion engines, reverse gears, controllable pitch propellers, bow thrusters, plus controls for loading cranes, winches, doors, etc.

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CONTROLAIR® Pneumatic Marine Control Valves

CONTROLAIR® Marine Control pneumatic valves are designed for marine service, and a single handle operates pressure control and directional flow control valve.  The heavy duty CONTROLAIR® valve contains two PILOTAIR® valves, which are arranged to control directional control for forward and reverse movement and a pressure regulating portion to supply graduated pressure for speed control.  The CONTROLAIR® valves can be configured for single engine/gear or twin engine/gear operation with various pressure ranges for the speed control. The valves have been an industry standard for decades.

Air Clutch Panel Interface

The AVENTICS air clutch panel interface provides the interface between the electronic propulsion controls and the reverse gear air clutches which are used to control vessel directions. The panel is completely factory assembled and tested and contains proven, dependable control components such as a D Pilotair® valve (ahead, neutral, astern), H-5 Relayair® valve (two-rate fill), Floreg® valve (slow fill rate adjustment), shuttle valve (hard fill), etc. Choose from electro-pneumatic pressure regulator (for precise and fast fill rate) or Relayair® valve (for two-rate) clutch inflation allowing soft initial engagement. The panel includes two pressure switches for cross-engagement interlock and throttle boost.Completely factory assembled and tested, the air clutch panel recently received ABS approval.

Marex OSIII Electronic Propulsion Control System

Marex OS IIIsystems are available for controllable pitch propellers, jet propulsions, andreversing gear systems. They are easy to integrate and enable efficient, highlyeffective control. With its many designs and sophisticated features such asilluminated scales and integrated buttons, the Marex OS III offers optimizedoperation. The control system features up to 5 parallel powertrains, and upto 6 control stations. Single axis control for reversing gear systems, alsoavailable for trolling gear systems as an option. The I/O unit includes displayand keys for programming. Protective functions for the engine include safetystop, reducing. The engine interface is independent from specific manufacturers.Two interfaces are provided for external stations such as the DP system orjoystick control, more functions available through integrated PLC.

Marex ECS Electronic Propulstion Controls

Easy to operate, unique design, universal possibilities. The Marex ECS meets the highest production and quality standards, with endurance testing of one million lever actuations. The Marex ECS is great for utility vessels, its hardware comes from proven automotive applications, and it is compatible with a variety of machines and transmissions – with reliable CAN bus technology and a self-diagnosis system that sends any alarm to the system. The icons on the control panel are self-explanatory and enable language-independent, intuitive operation. Features include subtle backlight illumination, dynamic – asymmetric levers, and chrome surfaces contrasted with black.

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