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Austal’s US shipyard is in Mobile, AL. It currently consists of 3 final assembly bays and a module manufacturing facility. The Navy has contracted Austal to build 12 127-meter trimaran Independence-class LCS vessels and 7 103-meter catamaran JHSVs.

Products & Services


Austal Service & Product Support

Austal Service & Product SupportAustal recognizes the need to maximize the operational availability of every vessel and will work closely with each customer to understand their ship operations so that effective product support can be provided to them.

Expeditionary Fast Transport

Joint High Speed VesselThe 103-meter EPF, being designed and built under a block-buy contract for the U.S. Navy is capable of transporting troops and their equipment at 35 knots, supporting humanitarian relief efforts, and operating in shallow waters.

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)In 2011 the U.S. Navy awarded Austal a construction contract for 10 Independence-variant LCS class vessels. The Independence (LCS 2) was commissioned in January 2010 and is currently undergoing trials by her crew.   The basis of Austal’s seaframe design is the 127-meter (417ft) trimaran hull “Benchijigua Express”, a passenger-vehicle ferry for a leading Spanish ferry operator. The benefits of this hull in commercial service include better seakeeping, passenger comfort and efficiency. For naval operators these features combined with a beam of 31.6 meters (104 feet) provide a ship with superior speed (in excess of 40 kts), flexibility, shallow draft, payload and significant aviation capabilities over conventional designs. Of note, the ship carries two helicopters which can be operated in adverse sea conditions because of the extremely stable trimaran hull.

Multi-Role Vessel

Multi-Role VesselThe Austal Multi-RoleVessel (MRV) utilises the unique and proven Austal Trimaran platform coupling high speed and superior seakeeping performance with unparalleled deck space. From border patrol to ASW to humanitarian relief missions the Austal Multi-RoleVessel (MRV) is the truly reconfigurable seaframe.

Offshore Vessels

Offshore VesselsAustal has developed a range of high speed, multi-role vessels designed to offer improved operating economics and safe and efficient solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry.  These high speed crew / supply boats are designed to provide an efficient, safe alternative to conventional helicopter crew transfers while also providing a time sensitive supply service in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Patrol Boats

Patrol BoatsLightweight aluminium construction technology, engine powering with economical operating characteristics that result in efficient and reliable service and substantially reduced operating costs. That's the technology and proven capability that Austal has applied to its range of patrol and paramilitary craft.  Austal is able to provide patrol vessels to address a broad cross-section of needs for heightened security and surveillance in ports and coastal waters. Sizeable orders from clients such as the Australian Customs Service, the Royal Australian Navy, Kuwait Coast Guard and the Republic of Yemen have cemented the company's place among the world's elite patrol boat suppliers.

Boat Building / Repair

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