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Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) is a systems integrator technology company focusing on high reliability and energy efficiency in diesel, island, renewable and micro grid power solutions. AKA innovates, manufactures, installs and supports power generation and energy assets for marine, offshore Oil and Gas, and land based industries.
Our achievements include the world’s first hybrid powered harbor tug boat, world’s first hybrid offshore drilling system, and world’s first power plant to be certified to operate DP3 Closed Bus. AKA has shifted the paradigm for fuel efficiency in offshore drilling and marine propulsion with proven fuel savings of up to 40%.

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XeroPoint Hybrid Marine Propulsion System

AKA’s XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System has captured theattention of the marine industry with significant economic and environmentalsavings. The XeroPoint hybrid system configures the most effectivepower and propulsion options to meet the needs of the vessel’s operation. Themultiple system configurations also provide redundancy by offering alternatesources of power to the vessel.Applicable to a wide range of vessels, the hybrid system presents a cleanand simple solution that is customizable to a vessel’s power and propulsionrequirements.

High Reliability Power Plant

AKA improves the reliability and increases the availabilityof conventional offshore drilling power plants. AKA has also shifted the paradigmfor fuel efficiency in the offshore drilling industry. Our High ReliabilityPower Plant includes; Advanced Generator Protection (AGP) with DP3 Closed BusOperation, High Availability Distribution Bus, Advanced Thruster Control andProtection System (ATCAP), Pre-Magnetization System, Autonomous Tie Breaker, HybridDrillfloor, Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS), Emergency Generator andE-Bus Control.AKA’s high reliability power plant is the world’s first DNVcertified system to operate in DP3 closed bus configuration and includes the world's first Hybrid DrillFloor. The system uses energy storage to level load demands on the power plant.

Solid State Generator

AKA’s solid state generator is an innovative energy storagebridging system. It is built upon AKA’s advanced active front end (AFE) powerconversion design integrated with energy storage technology to suit theapplication. The system offers bi-directional power flow, shaves short-durationpeak loads and provides instantaneous cycle smoothing for large step loadincreases or when an existing source is lost (e.g. failure of a diesel gen).The solid state generator provides supplemental power andredundancy while reducing system inefficiencies and achieving fuel and emissionsavings.The “drop-in-place” design of the solid state generatorenables a simplified and efficient integration into the existing power plantwhile the vessels are in service.

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