Armor Guard Protective Coatings

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Manufacturer of liquid applied, peel-able coatings for protection against corrosion, abrasion, solvent, and heat damage guaranteed to protect and peel cleanly up to three years after application for interior and exterior use, as well as peel-able temporary non-skid surfaces.

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Armor-Guard Protective Coating

Armor-Guard is a spray or roll applied protective second skin that is guaranteed to peel cleanly up to three years after initial application. Armor-Guard is water based, 100% waterproof, and proven to protect your surfaces in the harshest interior or exterior environments from Corrosion, Heat Damage (weld slag, grinder sparks, etc.), UV Damage, Solvents, Abrasion. Armor-Guard has anti-flame propagation and anti-corrosive properties, contains no VOCs, and requires no special respirators or special PPE gear to apply. Armor-Guards proprietary formula forms a non-adhesive bond that leaves no residue when removed, and protects the following surfaces: Ship Decks, Flooring, Shot Blast Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Painted Surfaces. Armor-Guard can also be used as peel-able, temporary non-skid surface for all surfaces listed above. When it is time to remove, Armor-Guard simply peels away in large sheets and is disposed of a standard waste.

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