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Arcon Welding Equipment, LLC.
Designers and manufacturers of the Workhorse & Studhorse brand welders, since 1999.
Arcon offers a Workhorse model for the following manual welding processes. MIG / Flux-core, Stick & TIG. Plus, the Studhorse, drawn arc stud welder. Unique for its power to weight ratio and small footprint. All Arcon welders are designed and built to out-perform and out-last competitive brands in harsh environments. Just like those found in shipyards, offshore facilities and marine environments of all kinds.
Made in the USA – rugged & reliable construction – 5-year warranty, all make Arcon welders a great value!

Products & Services


Workhorse 300SMT, Multiprocess CC/CV Inverter Welder

The Workhorse 300SMT is the latest version of the time proven rugged SCR inverter design, by Arcon Welding Equipment. Made in the USA, at our plant in Maryland, the 300SMT provides options for MIG, Flux-core, Stick and TIG welding.A pre-settable, CC/CV welder designed to operate in all types of conditions.The dirty, damp and corrosive environments found in shipyards, offshore facilities and marine facilities of all kinds are just another day on the job for an Arcon Workhorse welder.Backed by our "industry leading" 5-year total warranty and our lifetime corrosion warranty, Arcon welders provide you with the lowest "total cost of ownership" over the lifetime of the machine. 

Workhorse Voltage Sensing Wire Feeders

The new Workhorse voltage sensing wire feeders make the perfect accessory for Arcon's rugged Workhorse welders.Lightweight and portable, these machines are available in two sizes, to accommodate either 8" or 12" wire spools. Four-roll heavy duty drive mechanism provides smooth, reliable operation with solid, flux-core and dual shield wires, from .035 to 1/16".The durable suitcase design make these machine perfect for use in shipyards, offshore facilities and marine environments of all kinds.Three year warranty.

Studhorse 1200DM, Drawn Arc Stud Welder

Arcon is proud to offer the Studhorse 1200DM, drawn arc stud welder.Its light weight (90-lbs) and small size (19"L x 11"W x 18"H) make this the perfect stud welder to meet the tight size requirements of many shipbuilding and repair operations.Its 1200 amp output will handle studs from 1/4" to 5/8" in diameter. Designed to survive the harsh conditions found in shipyards and marine applications of all kinds.This rugged welder is backed by Arcon's 5-year total warranty and lifetime corrosion warranty.

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