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API has been a leading supplier of epoxy and polyurethane decking to the cruise ship and marine industries for more than 50 years. API combines its strong, first-class reputation with Stonhard’s nearly 100 years of experience in manufacturing and installing seamless, long-lasting floors and linings for industries throughout the world. API provides corrosion-resistant, easy-to-maintain deck coating solutions to cruise ships, the commercial offshore market, mega yachts and government fleets throughout the United States. From initial survey to final walk-through, API takes full responsibility for products and installation. The consistent quality of API products is guaranteed by the company’s ISO-9001-Compliant Quality System, which ensures strict controls throughout the production process, from raw materials to the finished system and its application. Along with ISO Certification for all products produced, we are committed to manufacturing and installing safe, durable, aesthetically-pleasing, functional resin systems.

Products & Services


Apilite U070

Apilite U070 is a three-component, IMO-approved, lightweight epoxy underlayment designed for easy application for all interior deck applications. It was specifically designed for those projects where added weight is of the highest concern. It is used for leveling and flattening the deck, and can be applied up to 15 mm (9/16 in.) per lift. Like all API USA products, it maintains a corrosion resistant and waterproof layer. Apilite U070 is comprised of an epoxy base, amine hardener, and lightweight filler.

Plastigel ERF

Plastigel ERF is a decorative, stain-resistant, cleanable epoxy based flooring system. The color flake broadcast layer results in an attractive floor surface for a wide-range of applications, including but not limited to, locker rooms, restrooms, lobbies, and other shared spaces. Plastigel ERF offers unlimited color options and is available in small (1/16”) or large (1/4”) sized flakes. It is currently awaiting IMO approval. The Apilite underlayment can be used with this product.

Plastigel SLT

Plastigel SLT is a decorative, textured, epoxy based flooring system designed to provide an attractive, slip- and stain-resistant, cleanable surface for light traffic areas such as locker rooms, restrooms, showers, and other shared spaces. It is available in 10 tweed pattern standard colors as well as 2 solid colors, with custom colors available upon request. Plastigel SLT is currently awaiting IMO approval. The Apilite underlayment can be used with this product.

Plastigel ASG

Plastigel ASG is a heavy-duty, exterior antiskid coating system specifically designed in accordance with Navy Specification 36270. It is the ideal solution for weather decks, ferry decks, entryways, passenger areas, and any other shipboard location that requires a surefooted non-slip finish. Plastigel ASG can be finished to varying textures by altering the application technique, and is available in a haze grey color. An optional epoxy primer can be applied if required.


Viscogel is a two-component, IMO-approved polyurethane underlayment with viscoelastic properties. Viscogel, as one part in a system utilizing other API USA underlayments, is the ideal solution for sound and vibration dampening from media below. Viscogel, as a part of a complete sound dampening system, can be used to decrease sound levels from machinery rooms, busy corridors and discotheques.


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