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Leading Manufacturers of A.C. and D.C. Marine Motors, Electrical System Engineering and Construction Propulsion Motors. SCR Systems, VFD Systems, Automation Complete Vessel Electrical Systems and Constructions.

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Cooling Blowers "The Eliminator"

Cooling Blowers "The Eliminator"Designed by AmeriMex to remove contaminates from cooling air before they can enter motor commutator chamber and cause motor failure.Key Benefits- Standardization (Many different models on market) - Designed to directly mount on GE 752 factory frame - Will also mount directly on GE 752 railroad converted frame - Meets with CFM & static pressure output for 1000 HP cont. duty - Also meets with CFM & static pressure for high torque duty - Eliminates contamination which causes carbon brushes to seize holder - Helps brushes to wear even to prevent overload - Reduces contamination which causes premature failure - Completely manufactured at AmeriMex facilities in Houston, TX - Trade-in allowance based on condition of trade-in - Performance tested

Our services in the Marine Work Boat sector

Our services in the Marine Work Boat sectorProducts and services available: - Propulsion motors and controls  - Thruster motors and controls - Control stations - Main generators and control panels - Switch gear lineups - Transformers


Available horizontally from 400HP to 6000HP & vertically from 400HP to 3000HP.

AC and DC propulsion systems

The Dominator

The Dominator AC Propulsion Motor

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