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American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has manufactured and distributed specialty lubricants all around the world for the past 40 years. Our marine product line offers no sacrifice in performance while maintaining an environmentally friendly profile that meets all EAL requirements. Due to the significant pressure on today’s end-users to use environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL) in marine equipment, challenged users are to consider an alternative.

ACT is proud to introduce our EcoSafe EAL product line this year to the marine industry. EcoSafe EAL has been recognized by the US EPA as an “Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant,”. EcoSafe EAL is derived from a renewable PAO base stock making it full synthetic oil ready for use in your equipment. ACT offers true solutions to the challenges faced by any end-user that must consider an alternative hydraulic or gear fluid.

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EcoSafe EAL

EcoSafe® EAL Series lubricants are high performance, environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids, produced from biodegradable and renewable hydrocarbon base stocks. This means they can replace traditional mineral oil hydraulic fluid in systems with no equipment modifications and minimal downtime to provide outstanding performance in the most rigorous environmental conditions.

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