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Always On has a full complement of ABS approved systems ranging from 700VA to 250KVA. Always On specializes in custom systems to meet any maritime application. We have installations on BC Ferries, Canadian Coast Guard, US Navy, Canadian Navy, specialized research vessels and drilling platforms. We also offer bypass systems, frequency converters, and extended run time modules. Our systems provide complete power conditioning to increase product reliability for marine equipment.

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Marine Rated UPS and Power Conditioning Equipment

Many years of experience working on high profile projects, combined with industry leading expertise, allows Always On UPS Systems Canada to design and manufacture the highest quality uninterruptible power supplies and power conditioning products. All of Always On's designs incorporate the most efficient and robust devices and system components to provide the highest degree of protection possible for all critical and emergency equipment installations.Always On products are certified to the ABS standard and meet the rules for both Lloyds and DNV. 

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