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Ahead Sanitation Systems, Inc is the Premier Designer, Manufacturer and Distributor of New Generation Sewage Treatment Systems, Products and Supplies for the Marine and Recreational Industry. With many years of experience in the industry, Ahead Sanitation Systems can provide you with an innovative and cost effective solution to your marine sanitation needs.

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AHEAD TANK by Ahead Sanitation System

 AHEAD TANK is U.S. Coast Guard Certified & IMO Approved For World Wide Acceptance!  4 models-AT series are certified Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) in accordance with 33 CFR 159.16. 8 models- STP series are  certified Sewage Treatment Plant in accordance with IMO RES. MEPC.2 (VI) The AHEAD TANK is constructed of durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant LLPE material making it Compact, Reliable, Simple to install, Easy to maintain and the most COST EFFECTIVE solution to your recreation or commercial Sanitation needs! Ahead Sanitation Systems, Inc. stocks one of the Largest inventories for immediate shipment of: Water Tanks Holding Tanks Storage Tanks Air Pumps Metering Pumps Water Pumps Sewage Pumps Transfer Pumps Discharge Pumps Marine Toilets Service Parts & Supplies Industrial Cleaners Degreaser Odor Controller Waste Treatment Additives                                  


BEHIND TANKAutomatic waste water discharge pump systems.  Polyethylene constructed sump tank, with  Vortex SS macerating discharge pump.  Available in 120 or 240 volt. Big on solution, yet small in size.  This compact pump system can be used for a wide variety of jobs.  Pump wastewater or grey water from Sewage Treatment Systems, holding tanks, sinks, tubs or washbasins.

LUS-75 Camp Unit

LUS-75 Camp Unit LUS-75 Camp Unit works with the environment to accelerate the natural biological process by which bacteria consume waste. This unit is constructed of HD Polyethylene, which makes it durable, compact, light weight, corrosion or rust resistant and not affected by UV rays. This unit operates in fresh water or sea water and treats black water and grey water. This unit is simple to maintain. A licensed plumber IS NOT required for the installation of this unit. You can do it yourself!

Marine Toilet

Marine ToiletWhen you’re interested in a HEAD that’s AHEAD above the rest.  San Marin, a modern shaped, all self-contained china toilet.  San Marin patented macerating system can pump 9 feet vertical and 100 feet horizontal through a 1 inch discharge line.  Available in 4 models and 4 voltages allow you the freedom of design and installation anywhere you like.


SanigrindSanigrind is an automatic sewage grinder discharge pump that can be connected to any standard household toilet and will also dispose of wastewater from sinks, showers, tube as well. Sanigrind discharges effluent 18 feet vertical and 150 feet horizontal through 3/4'' discharge line. Sanigrind can even grind up sanitary napkins or products.


WaterfixerA three stage ultraviolet water sterilizers.  Waterfixer provides water that’s safe and delicious by sterilizing your water with germicidal ultraviolet light.  Removing sediment, algae and microorganisms.  Removes odor and chemicals, improving the taste.  Kills any bacteria or viruses with high intensity germicidal U.V. light.  Delivers water at 4 gallons per minute.  No waiting, no wasted water, no separate water tank, no danger from infection.

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