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AEGIR-Marine is the top expert in the field of propulsion systems, stern tube seals/shaft seals, bearings and the service to go with it. AEGIR-Marine knows the importance of these components functioning properly like no other, and what this involves. It Just Takes ONE CALL is our slogan.
AEGIR-Marine is a brand-independent supplier and we can therefore supply service on almost all brands. We can supply spare parts for all stern tube seals. We intentionally focus on propulsion systems, stern tube seals/shaft seals and bearings, stabilizers and controls. Our knowledge in this field is distinctive; we know all the brands and the differences between them.
AEGIR-Marine can service your vessel in situ all over the world, we can supply underwater repair, or we can overhaul in our repair shops in the Netherlands, Singapore, Shanghai and Namibia. Our service engineers provide all the specialized service that you need. Whether it’s pulling the propeller shaft, overhaul of the bow thruster, maintenance on your CPP, update your controls or modifying damaged blades. We want to deliver the kind of service you deserve: flexible, fast, adequate, fair priced, reliable and always willing to help.

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Propulsion Service

AEGIR-Marine deals with – almost – the whole propulsion installation. Everything except the engine and the gearbox. We withdraw the propeller shaft, we service OD box, update controls, inspect and overhaul (bow) thrusters, grind, modify and cast blades. We are a pure service provider. Meaning, we will service your ship(s) in the best possible way. Going the extra mile is our pleasure and a superintendent that contract us, can count on a job well done within the scheduled time and qualifications required. What distinguishes us is our passion for our job. We love ships and like to be challenged. We offer a turnkey solution. In a scheduled docking different jobs (e.g. bow thruster, stern seals and propeller) are combined. Propulsion Service offers you one-stop-shopping.

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